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May 07, 2014


We do Cat Rescue, and, believe me, people such as Stella`s EX.."Family", exist all over the world.....unfortunately. I`m so happy that you now have Stella, and, this is what she will always remember.....your Kindness, Care AND good food :)

Awww... that grey sweet face reminds me so very much of our Molly. I can't fathom giving Molly up - blows me away that they could be so callous.

Glad she is there!

Of Stella and the "new puppy", I feel sorry for the new puppy the former owners of Stella are getting. As for Stella...she hit the jackpot. THANK YOU to the kind hearted people in LA and to You and Alayne for making Stellas life so much better. Bless all of you.

What a sweet girl. Glad to hear she fitting in. Stella is probably thinking where has this place been all my life?

Such a sweet girl, she looks like she knows she won the lottery.

Thank you.

Poor Darla! She thinks she has lost her main man. Silly girl! Love is expanding out like the universe. Now Stella is part of the universe and we are all happy for that!

Next dog without a name needs to be Carla to go with Darla. And there can be a Bella to go with Stella.

Two blogs with great news in a row. What a nice week. I am so happy Stella found her way to you. She is a real sweetie. She will fit in very nicely.

I love her already! Praying for funding to continue and increase in provision for everything you do for all these precious furry friends. A big thank you to you both. ;-)

The story of Stella's former owners has me so furious, I'm shaking. They should be allowed no other pet...Maybe a New York City rat....A big mean one and that would be too good for them. She is beautiful and deserved so much better than those lousy, no goods. She is so beautiful. How could they not see that? Welcome, Sweet Girl. You deserved so much better, but you've now landed in a pot of jam. I continue to be so thankful for RDF. :) You gave me my Roo and she's thriving! :)

Thank you so much for taking Stella. What is her disability?, blindness? She sure is beautiful. Reminds me of Samantha. I bet she lived outside and got scraps thrown out every few days. Poor girl. Well, things have changed dear Stella. Just you wait and see.

She is so adorable, thank you so much for helping her. I have a soft spot for older dogs. I am so grateful that there are people out there like you all and the rescues and vets offices that reach out to animals!

Stella is beautiful. I am so glad that she is with you. Now she truly has a home.

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