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April 14, 2014


It is always good to be tweaking the operation for better results. And, Yes, you do need some time that isn't automatically assigned to chores. We all need some down time. Like others, I love the farm updates on how things are done and what you learn. Pet heads and scratch ears for us.

A bit of education and some darling pix of moms and babies-Love RDF!

I enjoyed reading this progress report on the livestock portion of the farm. Very interesting about the Boer versus Alpine goats. Sounds like you made the right choice. And I can see that goats are much easier to handle, in every way, than cows, except perhaps for the climbing part. They are cuter too. Glad to hear things are shaking down a bit and you are able to have a bit of leisure!

;( I keep forgetting that everyone isn't vegan, yet.

I'm so glad you and Alayne got to experience a real live weekend. Goodness knows you both deserve it!

Thanks for posting about the goats, I found it very informative and interesting!

Goats are definitely good eating and until they become a "menu item", they are fun to watch! I'm glad the two of you are getting weekends once in a while. Hugs!

It's always interesting to see the farming parts of RDF. I guess "stacked up traffic" has a different meaning when you keep goats.
It's nice to find other goat meat fans. I wish there were a nearby place for me to buy it.
Funny, but I think it tastes more like lamb or mutton than like beef, but maybe that depends on the variety.
I wish you more weekends that are restorative.

Is that the cutest! You mean after a decade you finally had an hour to yourselves---amazing! You guys deserve it!!!!!!!!!

Love the goats! My 'kids' climb all over me as well - haha! Very glad you got a moment or two to yourselves on the weekend!

Thanks for the post. I've been considering raising some kind of meat for our dogs (all 5 are raw fed). I'll have to do some serious thinking about goats.

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