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April 09, 2014


Sunny-- what a brave boy you were at the vet office!

Wonderful to hear the good news about Aurora!

And love and paws crossed that this medication proves helpful to Widget.

Love to everyone at RDF...enjoy your weekend.

Thank you so much for setting such a good example of being dedicated to the well being of all those who share your home. We all learn so much from what you share with us. While there's a chance, never give up. Widget sure doesn't.

all my love for Widget and I pray the third time is indeed the charm <3

I wanted to comment about the table covering also, I might bring my own to the vet next time!!

Oh Sunny....the same magic that Ella got, your getting. Your going to be just fine.
Awesome news on Miss Aurora!
Widget....your in our thoughts and prayers...sending hugs and kisses your way. You have beat it before...your going to beat it again!!

Much much love -

The McRoberts Family

Sunny is adorable. Glad he's doing well and I'm also glad to hear the good news about Aurora. Sending extra prayers and good thoughts to Widget. She's a strong one...I hope she kicks cancers butt!

Holding love and light for you as time will tell about Widget's chemo drug.

Sending much love and prayers for Widget. Whatever happens, I know she's in good hands. Your commitment to all your animals amazes me. You both give so much love to each and every one, no matter how much time they are with you. If there is such a thing as karma, you two should get it back a million times over.

Sunny doesn't look too thrilled, but doesn't look too upset either. What a nice covering for the vet table. Much more comfy for the dogs, but much more laundry for the vet, I'm sure. Glad that Aurora is feeling better. Keeping my fingers crossed for Widget!

Thinking all good thoughts to everyone.....but extra ones for Widget. You can do it Widget....kick that nasty cancer in the butt and tell it to get out of dodge!!!

Widget--They say the third time is the charm. We look forward to this protocol working well (pun intended) for you.
Your canine pals in Montana.
Woooooooooof and Woof (from a big dog and little dog.)

Ahhh Sunny! Good news about Aurora. Hang in their Widget--so much love sent your way!

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