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April 07, 2014


Way to go!

The geese do look a tad confused there :)

Many congrats on being the state winner! I hope with the next challenge we can get many more people to vote so you can get the grand prize again!

Ditto on the Widget Woo....I'm sure the geese will be back....I have Canadian geese here that fly so low over when I'm out running with the dogs, that it sounds like a plane on top of us! We call them our 'honkers'. Congrats on the state win...onward to overall next time!

It looks like one corner of it was open, anyway. I'm sure they enjoyed the scenery while they had a rest. Congratulations on the state win!

Yes - Congratulations! You totally deserve it. Bring on the next Challenge!!

Well, it's about darn time. I'm woo wooing right along with you, Widget!! :)

Congrats on winning $$$. We are all joining Widget on "woo wooing"!

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