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April 11, 2014


Well, I was feeling sorry for myself until I watched the video. Life may be hard right now but the weather in Santa Cruz California is delightful!

Most temperatures this coming week are in the single or double digits below freezing. Our dogs went out this morning and carefully sniffed the new snow--what happened to the grass and puddles overnight?
I loved the song by our Winnipeg Free Press guys and it was great to hear it made it to RDF!

That was great, very clever of whomever did that video! Except for 2 very very rare ice storms here in Charleston, SC, our winter wasn't bad. If I was still living in NJ, I would have been inundated just like you all were. I'm glad spring has sprung for you!

I live in Winnipeg. This is the forecast for tomorrow:

Cloudy. Snow beginning early in the morning. Snow mixed with rain late in the morning and early afternoon. Snowfall amount 2 to 4 cm. Wind southeast 30 km/h becoming northwest 30 early in the afternoon. High plus 1.

Um, sorry....I was just thinking today that it was beginning to get a little too warm and humid a little too soon this spring. We were wondering where our "winter" went to. I do not want a/c season to start this soon!! (I do remember crocus' and daffodils and OH!! seeing the first robin of spring!! Oh, loved that 1st robin)

Amen! Late last week, I found a lone snow drop in my garden and hoped it was a sign that winter was truly over. Today it was 70 in Nashua and the snow drop has been joined by several forget me nots. Oh joy of joys!!!! :) :)

I am feeling thankful to be in the Pacific NW and to have had a little south of the border visit. Brrrr. You all have endured more than enough winter.

Love it! and truer words were never sung: life isn't fair! Wishing you warmer weather and a patio to put your feet up on.

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