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April 02, 2014


I agree with Barb....I am not thinking Mr. Wilbur cares to be referred to as "Diaper Boy".....after all.....he is the proud pirate of RDF!

Widget is fighting the good fight. As long as she is handling her duties as grand phobah of RDF I don't see anything wrong with trying anything that might buy quality time. We all know the end is in sight but she will have nothing but happy memories to take with her when she moves on to an even bigger management position. She's one in a million.

I'm sending tons of prayers and positive thoughts for Widget and also for Aurora. I'm so glad to hear the good news for Darla. Keep the faith!

Hoping for a miracle for Widget. I

That must take a lot out of you knowing that you are reaching the end of options which translates to reaching the end of life. It's so hard seeing a happy, lively girl and know that it is all facade. My heart goes out to you for having to watch this and see good but expect bad. My best to you both and of course to the Widge.

Oh Widget, you are so loved. Keep Woo-ooing!

SIGH.......thinking of all.

Thinking good thoughts for everybody!

Hugs and prayers to all of you!

Sending extra love to you all. I've been a fan of the ranch for years and I know how much all the animals are loved by you and Elayne. Keep up the great love and let's stay positive while time gives us more information.

Words are not adequate to express the thanks I and scores of others feel when we read your posts and all the good RDF is doing for these little souls. We know you will do only what is good for them. I often worry it is too difficult for both of you emotionally and I truly don't know where you find the strength. God bless.

Joining our prayers with others for all concerned......we love our little furry friends at RDF (and our human friends too!)

We are amping up our prayers of love and healing to you Widget.

Please let them soak in.

Stay strong everyone.

So sorry to read the not-so-hopeful news. Am ever so glad that you two are so knowledgeable and so able to help the doggies with their various maladies. They are truly where they receive the best care possible.
Sending all of you love and hugs and energy to continue on.

Well, the good news is good. I hate to hear that about Widget, but glad to know she is feeling good while all this is going on.

My thoughts with all of you while you address Aurora's clotting and Widget's challenges.

Oh, poor Widget. But you're right, as long as she is still happy and feeling good, you can't give up. Maybe the next drug will work. Maybe she'll have a spontaneous remission, or just hold at her current state for a few more months. She'll let you know when it's time.

I'd never heard of blood clots in dogs before reading about Aurora. I hope the Heparin works. Glad to hear that Miss Bossy's eye has a normal pressure now. And Wilbur is just too cute.

Thanks for the cute picture. Best wishes on the health of your sweet pups.

Yes, thank you for the sweet photo, because it helps to keep things in a little perspective, when otherwise we might just want to weep. Widget is still a happy little stinker and that brings out all her good hormones and helps her. I will keep pulling for that to carry her through. And praying for you guys to get through all this in one piece as well. God Bless

The Aurora and Widget news certainly isn't what we wanted to hear. But a least we know you are doing what you feel is best for both of them and we are keeping all of you in our prayers and thoughts. But diaper boy??? Poor little Wilbur. :( That sweet little guy is now being identified by his blue diaper. Good thing he looks adorable in everything he wears! :)

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