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March 31, 2014


Poor boys, LOL! It's always the girl dogs who run the joint. I have a 10 pound Yorkie who rules dogs who outweigh her by 60 pounds. Too funny! :)

Darla is a trip. The single file line up is like the end of yard privileges at RDF State Pen.

Darla is quite the bossypants. Glad she's feeling better. Maybe this little phase will pass and she'll get bored with her games. Or maybe she'll actually start rounding them up and herding them into a corner somewhere....

She is awesome! and sometimes youths need to be put in their place. Good to see she still has spunk!

She is testing out her "Stink-eye". Heeheeheeheehee.....

Too Funny!! Darla rules!

Apparently your castle is getting have Queen Widget and now Queen Darla! And as you know, every Queen has to have someone to boss around! :)

Maybe Darla's health issues are turning her into a "stinker" when it comes to her brothers. I'm sure, (maybe?) she'll be much sweeter again, once she doesn't have to go to the doctor so often. Going to the doctor sure turns me cranky. Smooches to Darla and hugs to Tanner and Travis as they suffer with her.

These pictures made my day! Sorry boys! And your pictures & commentary are perfect. It was needed with so much sad news coming from WA.

Something tells me Miss Darla is being meaner than she has to be! It's funny how she knows those two guys can see her. I don't think she would do that to any of the others who can't see. But I must admit, the photo with the three of them in a line walking towards the door is a riot! It's like follow the leader.

This gave me a good chuckle this morning! Women....what can you say!?!?

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