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March 17, 2014


Widget - may God keep you pain free and in His loving care - you have the BEST parents ever!

Darla - hang in there - be strong!!!!

Tell Widget I have been battling the weather as well to make it to my radiology treatments for 6.5 weeks, but only an hour to drive it. I have these babies in my prayers. Thanks for all you do for these special animals.

Widget, honey, you are SO loved!!!

Oh dear. Hang in there.

Deep breath. One foot in front of the other. Sigh. Hugs for everyone.

I'm so sorry to hear about Widget and Darla, so disappointing for you. My thoughts with all of you.

I first found your site many years ago when we knew that our oldest golden retriever would lose one of his eyes due to glaucoma that we could not control, despite concerted efforts from his specialist and us. Your experiences comforted me with the assurance that he could again be a happy dog without the pain of the glaucoma. I wish I could return that comfort to you with Darla's situation, but I know her case is a special one with extra hurt for her to lose that vision again. I, too, send you good wishes and good healing vibes for Darla and Widget and all the animals under your care.

My Mom has glaucoma. A specialist attached a tube to her eye to drain the fluid. Now she only has to use one drop per day in that eye. Could that be an option for Darla?

I will be praying that things go the way we all want them to go and that Widget and Darla are able to come out of all this doing well. They are both spunky, strong girls! Please make sure you and Alayne take care of yourselves during all this as well.

Very sad to hear about the girls. I can tell how attached you are to all of your dogs, and I am sorry to hear this news. Our dogs are so brave and they help us through THEIR problems with their strength.


Sending love, light and prayers.

Scary to drive in those conditions.

Just read your current blog and I am so very, very sorry about all the bad news. I think all of us reading the blog become so attached to the dogs that when the bad news happens it just hurts so much. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. It is so unfair.

I'm thinking good thoughts. Widget and Darla need to stay feisty and spunky.... It helps to kick out all the bad stuff if you stay feisty and spunky! (You too, Steve..... stay feisty!).

Two of your dearest little ones have the big time "miseries" and you have to duck the storms to get them treatment. I understand, having been in that position many a time myself. You seem to hold up better than I. Sending much love to all of you and starting a "Winter Go Away" dance!

Oh, this must feel so frustrating! Treatment is working, and then it isn't. What a sad week you've had. I feel hopeful about Widget since she did so well on the treatment the first time around. I think I can hear the woo-ing from here!

Not good news, indeed. Prayers will be said for all involved. We know that all decisions made will be what's best for the doggies.

Each time I read of a setback with any of the dogs, I am just crushed. I can only continue to marvel at all the two of you do to care for them and give them the best lives possible. Love and hugs to the humans and canines alike.

Stunned is right. Can't do anything but hope and pray for breakthroughs, and give thanks you all are safe at the farm.

First of all, I thank God you all made it there and home safely. And secondly, praying for both sweet girls and you sorry for all the hard news. Trusting you will be led to make the right decisions in each situation.

I do not like this news. My thoughts are with all of you- here's hoping the chemo regimen works for Widget; that whatever the decision with Darla's eye that it goes well; and that you and Alayne weather this all, too.

Dang it...So sorry about Darla and Widget!! Hopefully Darla will be able to keep her vision in her right eye...for her to be blind, get her sight back and then go blind again,how terrifying!!

I hope the protocol for Widget will put her back in remission so that she may continue to be her bossy self!!

My heart sinks along with yours as
I read this post. The only saving grace is that these 2 adorable dogs are in your care and will receive only the best. Thank you for being such loving caregivers.
Hugs from me to you both (ALL)

So sorry to hear this news. Praying for Widget and Darla.

Bummer! Will send good thoughts and healing vibes.

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