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March 05, 2014


I don't even want to think of Sunny's early life to have him feel so scared and want to stay in his crate where he feels safe. I know it will take time, love and patience but he will learn what a great place he has arrived at. Here's hoping he'll soon see what a great new home he has.

He looks to be such a nice snuggleable size! Wait till he finally figures out snuggling is nice.

Sunny probably doesn't know what it is liked to be loved. Maybe he never received love and affection in his life. He may only know the harsh side of life. I know if anyone can help him, you can. All the best to you and Sunny. Love and hugs to Sunny.

Oh Sunny..... Should I tell you a story about a beautiful blessing named, "Ella?" Your going to be just fine where you are. Steve and Alayne make dreams come true. Your heart will grow, all fears will be tossed to the wind. Your at heaven on earth. Hang in there buddy....
La Ella Bella sends her best wishes....via her humans who worship her.
With much love -

The McRoberts Family

Poor little sweetheart. I'm so happy that he was lucky enough to be sent to you. He couldn't be in a better place! I'm sure he will figure it out and show the wonderful little personality he is. Thank you and Alayne for all that you give to these babes!

Poor Sunny looks like a little Porker. I hate that his siblings, perfectly fine little pups, were put down. It may account for his outlook. Well, he's now in the right place. People should be fined for having unwanted litters. It's just not right!!!

If ANYONE can get through to this little tyke, it is the two of you! He is a lucky boy now and eventually he'll know it.

Oh Sunny,

You are going to have such a wonderful life at RDF.

You will be loved beyond your wildest dreams.

We are looking forward to seeing who you best buds are going to be.

I am in complete agreement with everyone else. Sunny is in the best place he can be and with all your love and caring, I'm sure he'll make a turnaround and we will see a totally different dog soon. He's a cutie pie!

Oh poor buddy! And I'm with everyone else, definitely looking forward to seeing his progress in the upcoming weeks. He is a lucky guy to be in such good hands!

You experts have seen this doggie personality before and I am confident that will a little time and love Sunny's personality will match his last. Welcome Home Sunny!

My shy dog spent the first 4 days of his life with me in his kennel. He was friendly, just petrified. Just this year, after almost 5 yrs, he has begun to greet strangers. You guys have a lot more experience than I do and you will have this guy snuggling in no time.

Aw, poor guy. He looks a little pudgy too. He'll perk up eventually, once he realizes he's home and safe. I'll look forward to the "after" photo a month or so from now.

First thing I thought of when I saw the photo is Pug. Could he be mixed with that? Can't even imagine the abuse he's felt that makes him feel a crate is the only safe place to be. I once fostered a cat who climbed up inside the box spring on my bed and I didn't see her again for 3 months! She came out when I was at work and asleep. Then she sat in the bedroom doorway while I was home. It took her a week or more to progress down that hallway and join us. Maybe when he sees all the other dogs being happy and loved he'll loosen up a bit. I'm sure your caring will reach him. Good luck!

If anyone can bring Sunny around, it is you.

It looks like the shelter folks kept him well fed....some of your special made food will probably bring him round. Being scared of humans ain't easy to overcome. Looking forward to Sunny updates on the boy.

Like Eric said, Welcome Home, Sunny. I know he's in the best place he can be. Now he's got a choice to make- to embrace where he is and this second chance he has... come on, Sunny, you can do it!

Wow, this little fellow is going to need a lot of patience and love. At least he's at the right place to get what he needs. Since he has his sight he will be able to see all the love and attention the others get and hopefully that will help to break through his shell. As time goes on and he isn't mistreated and is always warm and his belly full, I think he will begin to come around. He may not be as cute as Cap, but he's still a wonderful little dog. It's hard to tell his size. How much does he weigh, Steve?

If anyone can turn things around for Sunny, it is you guys!

A lot of fear..distrust in that face. He'll be better in time. Can't wait to see is progress.

Oh heart breaks for you.....I want you to know JOY, not fear....I hope peace comes to you soon dear boy.

So true Linda!

You two never cease to amaze us! Your work is beyond inspiring, uplifting and down right hard. Thank goodness you listened to your calling and quit your high paying corporate jobs over a decade ago. You have SAVED hundreds!!!! We love you!

How sad for this little life to be so damaged. Such potential squashed so early. I really hope you, Alayne and the other dogs can gently and fully pull him out of the untrusting and scary place he has grown into. I know he will be a challenge, a different challenge than the puppy he came with But I hope he blossoms in your care.

I'm willing to bet by Easter he will be a Ma's boy.... he might just be her new body guard....

If there was EVER a complete bastion of love and safety, powerful enough to heal even the most powerful fears, it most certainly, has to be, at the Rolling Dog Farm.

If this little guy is ever able to trust human, it will be under your patient care. I'm betting he will get some lessons from Bugsy sooner or later.

Yes! All my best karma headed your way, that if anywhere can help little Sunny feel like his name, your patience, kindness and expertise CAN.
A virtual, non-threatening hug to you, Sunny!

It is heart-breaking, the abuse some of these little souls endure. I know RDF will give this guy all the time and love he needs to learn trust. God Bless you all!

Life sure starts out badly for some; but he's got his second miracle now. You are angels for taking him in, especially since you already know what it can take to have a turnaround. My puppy mill dog took over 3 months just to come out of his crate without us pulling him out. Now he's momma's boy! Look forward to hearing about Sunny as you go along.

you are in a safe place now

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