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March 24, 2014


Keeping you ALL in our thoughts!! Yes, Penny--I agree!

Please know that I'm sending prayers for Widget, Darla and Aurora that all will work out well for them. You and Alayne are truly angels for everything you do. You both also need to remember to take care of yourselves as well :)

The strength and heart you put into the care of these sweet souls is beyond amazing. Thank you.

One day at a time...

It's been a stressful time for the dog pack, you and Alayne.
Sending strength and love to you all. Keep us posted....

Gosh I wish I could just be there and hug all of them, and you two as well. Lots of love - it's painful for all of us who love all these precious ones, and we can't imagine all the heartache and work you and Alayne are put through.

Seems like it's not raining, but pouring! Hoping for everyone to do well and speedy recoveries.

Saying lots of prayers for Widget, I know you two must be beside yourselves with worry for the Queen of RDF. This is very difficult news, to say the least. Widget, we love you!

Also saying prayers for Aurora and Darla, may they come out the other side better than ever!

Thinking of you--we know that Aurora, Darla and dear Widget will have the best of care and the love you both show over and over again for all your four ( or three) legged family.

Steve and Alayne, thank you for taking such good care of these dogs. Who knows, some miracles just might happen. While there is life, there is still hope, though it may be slim. You are giving these unfortunate canines whatever chances are possible. Darla and Aurora certainly look like they are in comfortable surroundings in today's pictures.
I do not know who has the tougher job right now, you, Steve, or you Alayne. Please also take care of yourselves.
A multitude of warm thoughts to you two and the dogs.

Oh, poor Aurora. At least you've got a diagnosis now and can take some steps. Darla's stocking is very stylish. Keeping Widget in my thoughts...

I help market a dog fence company and I'm a life long dog owner. If we can help support your efforts in any way please let us know.

Sending prayers for you, Alayne and all the pups. It's been a tough month...

I'm thinking good thoughts for ALL of you. Steve & Alayne, you are guardian angels to be able to handle this whirlwind of emotions! Hang in there. I'm crossing my fingers, my toes (and even my eyes) that everything goes well for everyone!

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