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March 12, 2014


Oh dear. How incredibly frightening. We wish her, you both and the rest of your 4 legged family the best.

Darla, we are sending love and healing light to you sweet girl. You know that you are loved beyond words...

Bad news indeed, and doubly upsetting because you were monitoring her so carefully, as you always do. Did they say if they thought something was wrong with your Tono-Pen, or why the readings were so skewed? I'm sure dear Darla is going to be fine...

Sad news indeed. I'll keep my fingers crossed, and whatever happens, we know she'll be safe and loved.

Darn it anyway....that is terrible news. Hoping and praying for a good turnaround this week. Thank you both for your amazing gifts to these precious ones.

Remember to take a deep breath and move forward one step at a time. No matter what happens with Darla, know that she is light years ahead of the game because she is loved and cared for by RDF.

I am sorry that her eye problem is that bad. I know you all love her very much! Keep us posted on your blog, ok?

I'm so sorry. Thinking of you all and especially Darla.

I'm sending lots of healing thoughts your way for Darla. I sure hope the meds work and the menace response returns, but if not, I know that you will do whatever is necessary to make her comfortable. The care you give Darla and every one of your precious babies is second to none. She's in the best hands :)

This really sucks. Darla is so special to all of us and I know she's won your heart....

Positive thoughts coming from Louisiana to Darla and everyone. Maybe the new med will do the trick. Either way, you'll handle things as you always do! Thanks for keeping us posted.

Steve, what a sweetheart you are! (And Alayne too).....

I'm thinking all good thoughts for Darla. She's being well taken care of.

Marla, Darla's right eye continues to be fine, so this won't make her blind if she loses her left eye. Steve

Oh no, I'm sure this was a terrible shock, when you thought everything was under control. I'll keep hoping that the menace response returns and surgery will still be an option.

I know Darla is very special to you Steve. I can't remember though....does she have good vision in her other eye? Can anyone answer this?

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