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March 03, 2014


Just catching up on the posts for Cappy and Sunny. I knew Cap would fit right in and stir up some trouble! Thank you for taking such good care of him!

Oh my goodness!! Wouldn't he & Bindi be a pair?? ;-) Montana might be a little out of the way for him, and Brent would likely disown me if I brought home anymore animals......LOVE this little one, though!

The shots of Cap and Tanner are adorable! Too cute, he'll find a good home in no time.

He's adorable! And he sure knows how to give the growlers "the stink eye"!!! Enjoy that little fellow!

This sweet pup looks like he will be stirring things up a bit at RDF!

So nice he already has a buddy in Tanner.

Looking forward to seeing who the lucky person(s) will be to bring him home with them.

Congratulations! Younhave a new baby in the house! He is adorable and he probably has puppy breath too.... what a cutie!

OMG what a cutie pie. He will get a new home in no time I am sure. Have fun Tanner with your new little pal while you can.

Puppies and puppy pictures are the best!


Isn't it a nice change to have a puppy in the house? Youthful energy and exuberance! I know he will be well socialized with other dogs by the time you find him a great home.

Adorable. He looks a bit Welsh Terrier as well.

Thanks for the dose of joy this morning, I needed it! I'd sit up and beg for a chance to adopt him but my crates are too full right now....

even for just a little while.

What a darling! And so awesome to see him with Tanner. Love 'pop top'!

Oh gosh, Cap is adorable!! I could just smoosh and kiss that cute face all day long. I know there's a wonderful home out there for him (although he's already hit the jackpot being at RDF). If I didn't live in SC and already have 2 dogs, I'd be up there trying to bring everyone home! :)

ADORABLE and I agree---everybody network to get him adopted! Thanks again RDF for saving him.

Of course Tanner is nice to him...both are from my home state of Arkansas and have Southern manners! I do hope someone will consider taking both Cap and Tanner BOTH since they play well together......

Oh, he looks like a bundle of trouble! And adorable! He and Tanner look so sweet together. It's nice he has Uncle Tanner to play with, since all the other elders are so crotchety. Looking forward to hearing about the other new arrival. Extroverts are fun, but it's so rewarding when a shy one starts to gain confidence and show their personality.

he is insanely cute and i am sure you will be sifting through applications in no time!

He is so very cute. I'm sure he'll be snapped up right away. Seems like he really enjoys being around the other dogs. Maybe he and Tanner will get lucky and be adopted together! One can hope.

Ohhhhhhh, he is SO adorable! Wish we could take him! Praying he finds a very deserving, loving home soon, but regardless, he is already in one!

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