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March 18, 2014


I had never heard of this farm. What a wonderful thing you do for these animals. I ma proud of you all.

Prayers for you and all of the girls... what a rough patch. God bless!

Sounds scary for all of you! What a brave and sweet girl she is; I hope the worst is behind Aurora. We look forward to more updates on her.

Still voting for RDF....although I have to go to the March 12 blog update to find the link

Holy cow, what an ordeal :( I don't know how you do it; I absolutely flip out when something is even mildly wrong with one of my pups - and if they are actually crying in pain, forget about it, I'm hysterical! All good thoughts coming your way...

And more of the same (Mary H), hugs, love, prayers, positive thoughts - from the Pacific Northwest!

Between the condition of Widget and Darla, and now Aurora, I know you two are heavy with heart, and worried about all three. The little beings have a different relationship with life than we do, and I know they are grateful for every little comfort you bring them. They are blessed to have you for their humans. Do take care of yourselves as you care for them.

Thank heaven's for technology! I can't even imagine how useless you would have felt watching her be in agony and not know what might be causing it. At least you had a heads up and a focus and meds. Post wasn't too long, very interesting stuff. Best wishes and healing vibes being sent to Aurora and the two of you!

Whatever happens, good or bad, we know you will be there with your constant love and care for them. Reading everything that's been happening just breaks my heart. You are in my thoughts and prayers each day.

Thank you for letting us know what is going on with Aurora.

She certainly is in good hands. And many healing thoughts and prayers are being sent to her and to the other sweeties that are having some troubles right now as well.

OMG. You are so fortunate to have many specialists relatively nearby to help. Hope all turns out well for Aurora and Widget and anyone else who, at the moment, has some health issues!

You've certainly had your hands full these days. I will be praying that you can find out exactly what's happening with Aurora and she will be in my thoughts. I hope you'll be able to get everyone feeling better very soon!

Thank you for the detailed post - I found I was holding my breath once I reached its end. Poor Aurora!
Best wishes to all of you - to Aurora for a swift recovery and to Steve and Alayne for frazzled nerves and heavy hearts.

Many prayers, good thoughts, cyber hugs and major mojo coming from the Pacific Northwest.

Too much going on all at once.

You are always in our thoughts. And, you probably can't make a post too long. I, for one, am always interested in the details. I hope you get some good news soon.

I hope things improve at RDF. Best wishes for recovery. I'm still voting for you guys. Good luck

Just, wow. That is really strange. Hopefully that is the last of it. Poor Aurora! And hopefully that is the last of your veterinary adventures for a while. I think you all need a rest!

Oh, my! Thank you for going into such great detail and I dearly hope that things will become boring for you all. Good thoughts being sent your way.

Poor Aurora- It's been a rough few weeks for the Farm. My thoughts are with all of you!

Poor Aurora--but maybe there is good hope for her. Thank you for caring about all the waifs that you do such wonderful things for. They deserve it.
Thank you for sending the detailed report about Aurora. Please keep us updated.
You and Alayne are amazing. However,I am sure the rewards you get in returned love, laughs,and other entertainment are great. Also these dogs add safety factors for all of you and the "Farm".

What a story--so far. Poor Aurora! But maybe there is hope. Your body, on the other hand, must think it needs to reshape itself to your vehicle seat.
I marvel at the good care you and Alayne take of your charges. Each critter may be "only a dog" but the love and entertainment and even safety that each sweet dog gives is well worth your efforts.
Thank you, thank you for giving these waifs such loving care.

Ohhhhh! Poor baby! It' terrible when they get sick and there isn't anything we can do.
Warm thoughts to all and I hope better news comes with the test results!

Poor little thing! I'm sure you both must have been sick to see her in such distress. How lucky she is with such expert care as yours and your vet team. I will keep all of you in my thoughts.

Oh my Gosh, you both must be nervous wrecks with all this stuff going on - I'm praying for all your little buddies to get better soon! Bless you for your wonderful strength in the face of all this!

Poor girl. When it rains it pours huh?! Hopefully the blood clots are the problem and can be treated and nothing more serious comes up!!

My prayers are with you both & Aurora. She is such a trooper & it is so hard to see them suffereing & they can't tell you why. I am so thankful for all you do.

Kae in Bellevue

Prayers for Aurora! And the post wasn't too long! Very informative.

Wow! You guys see it all! I think you should both receive an honorary vet degree fromTufts! Amazing what these animals endure and the faith they put in us to figure it all out.

What a month!! Thank you for the detailed blog on Aurora. In my prayers and thoughts--all.

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