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March 10, 2014


So happy right now! I've been so worried about him and have forgotten to check the blog. I knew he would come around, but wasn't sure when he would. Thank you for being patient with him!

Hurray! I got teary eyed when I opened the blog and saw Sunny standing there! So happy he is warming up to you all. Its going to be a much happier life for this boy!

The best teachers for dogs really are other dogs sometimes. Hopefully he'll continue to come out of his shell.

(Breedwise, maybe a pug mix of some type? Whatever he is, it's CUTE!)


Oh, I'm SO glad Sunny is warming up to you guys! You have such a way of bringing those little damaged souls out of their shells. Looking forward to following his progress in the days & weeks to come! :-)


The difference in his little face between the first picture and today's picture is like night and day.

What an amazing twist to this story...glad the little guy felt comfortable to venture out a bit. This will be a great story to watch unfold I'm sure. Thanks for sharing. Made my day yesterday...

So very heartwarming! There you go, making my eyes leak again!

I told you it was a safe place

Sunny Indeed! That's great news, and sure to get better!

So wonderful to hear this! Made me smile!

Hurray!!! Sunny knows a good deal when he sees it:-)

He will be in your bed in no time! lol

A big serving of happiness all around! Yay!!!! And only a week to offset that beginning. Love makes miracles an everyday thing.

Love conquers all. Sunny decided he wanted his fair share. So glad the little guy is out and about.

That is an outstanding improvement. Nothing like a little time, kindness and peer pressure.

I *knew* it wouldn't be long before Sunny would come out from hiding! One day at a time...this handsome guy will be part of the pack in no time!

What wonderful, wonderful news! With all that love in your home and all those new friends to meet & enjoy, it was just simply a matter of time before Sunny walked out into his new life.

He looks so much happier this week. I knew he'd come out of his shell pretty fast, especially with all the other dogs to show him how good life is at his new home. He does bear a striking resemblance to Holly. I think there's something she's not telling you....

Hot diggity dog, it moves and it has a tail that wiggles! That made me teary. Welcome to the Farm and a whole lotta love little dude!

Nothing is better than RDF Magic!

Just proves that you can't rush things..... welcome, Sunny! You are at a really good place! Time for another roll in the sun!

Oh!!! So wonderful, and I'd even say magical, but KNOW it's your patience and kindness that wins every time.

Congratulations yet again! It will be so wonderful to learn Sunny's true self :)

Great news. Hopefully, thanks to your patience he will become even more confident. Sunny does look like Holly. Welcome home, Sunny.


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