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February 17, 2014


That's an awesome snapshot! We're so happy you're being yourself now; just be careful, Travis. :)

After all Travis has been through lately, it is wonderful to see him feeling so well.

And great timing on catching this picture!

Travis looks good in this picture. Way to go, Young Man! He's celebrating "No More Tooth Aches" ! :)

I love this, so full of life, because of you two. Not only is he obviously at his "jumping weight" without those teeth, I imagine he is just feeling better without that infected mouth. Also, being able to get more of his food with less work now that he can open his mouth has also taken years off of him.

Wow, I guess not having all those bad teeth has made him feel better. That's wonderful but he needs to wait for his friend Tanner and not be so anxious. It's funny how they continue to do something like the jumping even though we know he doesn't really want to run away from the life he has now.

Wow, I didn't realize the dog Olympics were being held in New Hampshire! It warms my heart to see him so active.Go, Travis, go!!

You go Travis! That is one impressive leap over the fence. He looks like he is flying.

I'd say this is proof he feels much better after getting rid of those teeth. Now he has extra joy and energy to make his jumps higher. That's a great photo.

Way to go Travis.......I love your spunk.

Can't hold a good "dog" down!! I laughed out loud!! GO TRAVIS!!! I will be smiling all day after seeing this picture of Travis--It is obvious Travis still "got game!"

Yeah for Travis! It's just wonderful to see him active and doing his thing. Go Boy!

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