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February 10, 2014


Speaking of Travis, has his jaw stayed open any more than it was before since his surgery? And how is he feeling since the surgery to pull all those teeth? Seven hours is a long time to be sedated. (and it sounded very painful!) Ouch!

Is there a Part 3 in the works? lol Darla, Darla, Darla :)

"Part two" is good for hearty laughs. It would be nice if Darla would be a lady and not carry things to these extremes. (These four-footed animals certainly do think.) Maybe this is part of Darla's health care plan to attack and conquer her health problems.

Darla needs to not be so fresh. Seems to me she has become a little full of herself. (And a little full of goodies too! Has she gotten a little pudgy?) Just remind her that everyone gets equal love - including her and the boys. Lucky for her they put up with it all.

Female Domination!

Darla Mae! I have no idea if you have a middle name but you needed to be called by one on this......stop being a mean girl to these poor boys....they have been through enough. I think you are just a wee bit jealous of any attention they might be getting from the humans.....huh?

That's hilarious. Our female dog does something like this. She'll sleep all night in the same room with our male dog. She gets to go outside first in the morning, and when she comes back in, sometimes she barks at him as if he is a stranger trespassing on her property. I think she is just asserting her alpha-ness, and he tolerates it like a polite gentleman, just like Tanner and Travis do. Except I'm sure they wish Darla wouldn't play her little games when it's so cold outside and they really want to go in.

That is histerical. Pudgy Darla keeping her chosen two at bay. Who knows what goes on in their little heads.

Who knows what goes on in their minds sometimes. This reminds me of our home. Our border collie/cattle dog makes Doug Pug sit in the corner while we are gone. (we have a cam set up because we couldn't understand why Doug Pug wouldn't leave the corner until we walked into the room). All their silliness just makes us love them more!

That is so funny! Poor little least they don't add fuel to the fire by challenging her "highness"!

Could it be because she is the alpha female? Who knows - women can do many things. LOL

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