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February 24, 2014


He's the cutest dog ever, I swear! Different situation, but I had two females who were wetting the bed while sound asleep. They're now on hormone therapy (!) and not one problem since. Wilbur, you look stylish, buddy!

Don't worry Wilbur, teal is the new black! :-)

Oh, he looks so cute. Blue for boys, perfect!

A little early to be practicing for the New Years Eve gala, but party on dude! You look adorable.

Wilbur, you are rocking that teal color! You look very suave and as handsome as ever. :)

Oh the indignitities

We all have our issues Mr. Wilbur! Hang in there......

I'm happy this worked out with him! He doesn't look embarrassed. He looks like: Hey! Whatcha lookin' at?!! He knows he has 'cool' down. Such a sweetheart.

All I gotta say is "babe magnet"!!!

Oh sweet boy! Glad he is with everybody again. Steve--your blog are so well written!!!!

Love you Wilbur!

I didn't think he could look any cuter, but that blue cumberbund makes him look very suave! I bet the girls find him irresistible!

Wilbur is still the cutest even with his diaper. And such a stylish shade of blue, too! No need to be embarrassed, little guy. We love you just the same and are glad the diapers work for you.

You are still a charmer, Wilbur, no matter what you are wrapped in!

Go Wilbur your still Handsome!

We call it a cummerbund in our house and only the best dressed dogs sport them. The others pee outside...

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