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February 19, 2014



Very cute. I think dogs that have beagle in them have something extra special.

Very cute. I think dogs that have beagle have in them have something extra special.

And who thinks dogs aren't smart? Not me; I know better.

Oh, how sweet, you get a serenade! Oh, I'm sure the serenade becomes a little grating on the nerves after a few rounds of the same chorus!

She definitely unique!

That is just great. Made my day. And along with Travis. You guys have a great weekend.

These photos made me chuckle. It's amazing how resourceful dogs can be when they want to. Now you will have to see how long it will be before Aurora teaches Travis how to jump back over the gate to get back into the house.

I just love the picture of Aurora howling to come in. She sure has you all trained!

Oh, what a clever, resourceful girl! I admire her agility, and she looks so cute when she's howling. :)

To coin a phrase from a favorite movie: Clever Girl! (Jurassic Park)

That is so cute.......they are very creative! Never a dull moment at RDF.

Hellloooooooooo, ooooopen the door!

That photo is priceless!

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