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January 13, 2014


Geez, that camera makes him look just like a Corgi!!!!

Funny that Wilbur looks so big when he is a very, very small doggie! He is a cutie! are the horses doing in the cold weather? How about the livestock and the barn cats and gaurd dogs?

Looks like the place to be...scoot over Wilbur! :-)

"Mama, I don't tink dis is my best side...."

Wilbur says that he is cute from every angle!

No matter how the camera makes him look, Wilbur certainly looks comfy and cozy in front of the warm fire. He's such a sweet boy!

We could have used that wood stove here in Tallahassee, Fl. last week. 30 degrees. Instead, our cat and dog demanded the electric blanket on our bed turned on for their warmth and enjoyment. And just where were we supposed to sleep!?! On the sofa??

Wilbur does look cozy, but you're right about the camera picture from that angle - reminding me not to let anyone get a shot of me from behind!

Yes, he certainly does look solid from behind! One of our dogs has an unusually large head for his size. He's only 15 pounds, but from his head you'd expect something much bigger than the long skinny body that goes with it.

That wood stove looks very cozy. Glad you made it through the cold snap OK.

They say the camera puts 5 lbs. on you!

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