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January 08, 2014


Tanner will not miss that half leg. He is getting on with this new and wonderful life he has. Thank you Steve & Alayne for taking such good care of such a nice dog.

I think Tanner has such a kissable do you keep from smooching on him all the time?

Tanner is looking great! He drew a lucky card having found his way to you and Alayne.

Our three legged cat did so much better after the stump of his missing leg and shoulder were removed. His balance improved greatly and his adjustment was fast. Tanner will do well and he'll feel better in the long run.

Alayne matches the flowerpot and Tanner matches the floor. How complementary. :)

I'm sure he'll be more comfortable without that painful stump of a leg. Hopefully there's nothing else serious going on.

I'm so glad that Tanner is doing well. He'll be happy in the spring when he gets to run around in the yard without that old stump in his way. He seems like a sweetie and maybe he'll get adopted.

Great photo,and wonderful to see Tanner looking so good! (And we know you really did set up the color scheme!) A new year's toast to the Farm!

So glad to see Tanner is doing so well. Happy 2014 to all residents of the Farm!

It's amazing how dogs bounce back after surgery or injury. Tanner looks great. You can see the change in his demeanor since he arrived at RDF.

So very happy for Tanner - what a relief it must be for him (and you guys too!) Trusting all will be well with his healing and that he will be fine in all areas. Bless you guys for all you do.

What beautiful pictures of Tanner and Alayne! Tanner looks wonderful and happy. How great that he's this way only 1 day out of major surgery. I think he knows that he's going to be feeling so much better from now on. Hope his other issue turns out to be nothing. Thanks for all you do!

It is so good he has had this surgery. We had a neighbor dog who had the high hip amputation and he did so well. Tanner's useless hanging leg would just slow him down. I look forward to hearing how he does through recovery.


GREAT NEWS!! Yeah for Tanner and RDF!!!! We are so happy for Tanner!!!!!

Good job, Tanner! I smiled when I read your post about Tanner pulling the doctor. We adopted a three-legged pug that can outrun anything on our road. We don't know how he lost the leg, just that as damaged goods he was thrown away. Their loss, our gain (I think I may be preaching to the choir in that respect!).

Beautifully composed photo, lol! Tanner looks SO much better. He'll get used to the camera and learn to give us some happy faces.

What a good looking twosome! I hope the test on Tanner's testicle is nothing more than the "guy thing" of it being "cold" (wink, wink!) He's been thru quite enough and it's time for him to enjoy life!

Happy New Year to all at Rolling Dog Farm!

So glad the surgery is behind Tanner and now it will be full speed ahead for him.

He is so grateful for the life you and Alayne have given him. Thank you to everyone involved.

He looks great. Alayne too of course. Isn't amazing how quickly he rebounded after his surgery.

Alayne, the color of your turtleneck is very becoming to you!
Tanner, you look terrific for one day post-op. Here's to a happy, healthy new year for you and for all at RDF, human and animal.

Recover quickly, Tanner. You couldn't be in a better place or in better hands for your recovery. I'm sure you will be pampered and you deserve to be.

Great news!!

Alayne gets more beautiful each year.

It is amazing how well they do after a major surgery. They have a different kind of pain, but they know the other pain is gone. Levi was the same way after his eye surgery. You know he had to be in major pain, but he was a totally different dog after surgery. More mellow, happier and I’m positive it was the pain he had masked was gone.

Tanner glad you surgery went well and here’s to a speedy recovery so you may run around to your heart’s content.

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