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January 22, 2014


Praying for Darla for healing; and for all of her caretakers, for guidance. Hang in there, sweetie!

Although Darla has a rough time ahead of her, she is in the hands of people who love her and provide the best possible care for her. If anyone can find a way to help Darla through this, you two can. I will keep her and all of you in my Prayes as always!

Saying extra prayers for Darla after hearing this most unfortunate news. She could not be in a better place to get all the care and love she needs to get through this. Keeping all of you at RDF in our thoughts and prayers. Sending hugs and kisses to our very sweet girl, Darla.

I really hate to hear that about Darla. My thoughts are with all of you.

Prayers and positive thoughts for sweet Darla.

A twist of fate indeed and I'm so sorry to read about this. All we supports can do is keep supporting....we send you trust, trust in knowing that you and Darla's vet team will make the best decisions for her. Much love to Darla, you and Alayne.

As I read your sad note, I had a big lump in my throat. My heart was sinking with you. Poor Darla! Poor you and Alyane!
Maybe a miracle can happen and things can turn around for Darla in both of her health problems. In the meantime, think of all the good things you have provided for her in the months you have had her!!!
A note re cataracts and glaucoma. Back in the early 1970s my 16-yr old loveable mutt was developing cataracts. The word at the time was that cataract surgery was not very successful. So, I did nothing for the dog except love him and do our usual activities--like go walking off-leash for 1, 2, 3, or more miles every day, a warm bed, healthful food, fresh water, and car rides.
Champ lived to be 18+.
Fast forward to me, a people, with worrysome eye pressure of 20. First we tried drops. They did bring the pressure down but they are a terrible nusiance and expensive. So I asked to go for the laser surgery. Pressure in that eye at the end of the surgery was down to 12. One year later it has risen only to 15. (The laser surgery in people can be done again, if needed.) I realize I am not a dog but given the cataract surgery of the early 1970s, I wonder if such laser surgery would, indeed, work for Darla. With the anesthetic drops used for surgery, I had no pain or even discomfort. I have used no drops for glaucoma since the laser surgery. I did have to keep my eye still but for me that was easy. Darla?
My bottom line: Go for it. I will send you a check to help whomever of your "brood" needs it.

So saddened by all the news, but know she's in the best hands. Prayers for everyone.

Oh my heart sank too! Darla is such a sweetie. She is in the best hands EVER at RDF with you and Alayne. Will think only positive thoughts for Darla!!

All fingers and toes crossed for this sweetheart!

My very best wishes going out to you & Darla. I lost my beloved Trickster dog to complications from mast cell tumors on Christmas 2012. I know what a horrible disease it can be. That, plus the vision issues...But she couldn't be in better hands. Thank you for taking care of her & loving her!

Extra prayers are coming Darla's way. She's such a sweet and wonderful girl and deserves better. She's so very lucky to have people taking of her who care so very much. Thank you for that.

Aw, Darla, she's been dealing with a lot. I know you will do everything possible for her and hopefully getting her to the vet this quickly will help to get her fixed up and back on her way to good health soon. You always make the right decisions and I know this time will be no exception. Sending prayers and love for Darla :)

My heart is so very sad for Darla and for you. We all know life isn't fair, but this just seems so unfair. I hope everyone reading the blog will say a prayer for Darla. News like this always makes me give our dog a big hug.

This news is so heart breaking and unfair! She is such a darling and we always wish so much good for her after the crummy start she got in life. I wish I could hug you all tightly. Let's hope we got the new cancer early and surgery for her knee and eyes will go well. My thoughts are with you all. Smooches, Darla!!

Prayers for Darla and both of you for healing and wisdom. Darling girl!

Sending you healing light sweet girl.

Oh, poor Darla! The good news is that you caught both of these things early, and that there are several options for treating the glaucoma. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.

Extra hugs to Darla's people. Not good news at all. And more than one or two extra hugs and kisses for Darla.

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