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January 27, 2014


Glad it worked out!

Hoping he recovers well and that this will help him open his mouth a bit more! Thank you for the super updates on everyone and all that you do for these sweet angels on your farm!

Wow, just WOW!! Hoping that Travis feels a thousand times better soon even if he/we didn't know how bad he felt prior to the extractions !!

This is an absolute miracle!!! I wonder if the teeth being at all angles bothered/irritated his tongue all this time. Travis will feel SOOO much better after his mouth heals! Now we're all crossing our fingers for 'benign'...

My heart was pounding with each sentence of the blog! MAJOR is right! The whole process has been amazing! Please keep us posted each step of the way! We LOVE YOU TRAVIS!!!

What a day! I sure hope those masses are nothing more than tissue. Travis needs a break, as I'm sure you all do as well. Hopes and prayers for the very best outcome for Travis. Sweet Travis.

That is amazing! How wonderful that they were able to do that.Poor ol guy. Hopefully all goes well with the results of the biopsies. Voting

Oh Travis honey! I hope you will soon be feeling better than ever after all this dental work.

Prayers being sent for a smooth recovery, negative test results, and more range with your mouth.

We love you!!

I'm very happy to hear that the surgery went well for Travis. I'm sure he's going to be much more comfortable. Here's wishing a speedy recovery for the sweet guy!

He needs doggy ice cream for pain relief!

That tooth fairy needs to come back and leave him some really good mushed up food once he is feeling better. Poor baby deserves nothing less after all he has had to go through.....

Hugs to this special guy. I so hope it will give him some relief.

Let's hope those masses are nothing more than irritations that developed due to his "wiggly piggly" teeth. I had a shi zhu that when her teeth would be cleaned, several would have to be removed or fall out since she too had "wiggly piggly" syndrome. I hope he feels better and that everything will work out for the young man. You all could use a to speak!


All that time you wondered what was in there, and now you know! I'm sure Travis will feel more comfortable now. He'll have that much more room to slurp things in, now that those teeth are out of the way. Hope those masses turn out to be benign!

NOTHING!! the tooth fairy brought him nothing!! That is sad. Glad he had the surgery tho, it will benefit him in the long run more than a quarter under his doggie bed.

Oh I'm so glad to hear the surgery went okay. I hope the masses are nothing to worry about.
But what's up with the stingy tooth fairy????

For all that poor Travis went through to get to this point, I sure there's something nice under his pillow! He sure has earned it. Here's hoping that his mouth will still be open enough so that he can slurp his meals. There's no way he could have been comfortable with such a mess like that in his mouth. Hopefully when he heals he will feel much better.

I wonder with the teeth poking out at odd angles has he ever been in pain because they jabbed into his gums or tongue. You'd never have known but it might have been very uncomfortable. Will think good thoughts that his mouth doesn't close back up. What a thrill for him to may eat something thicker than soup! :-)

WOW, what a day for Travis! (and you too, Steve). Here's hoping for a speedy recovery, benign masses only, and perhaps some ability to open wide(r).

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