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January 06, 2014


Our Olive has been diabetic for two years now and holding strong and easy going.....wishing the best for Sophie.

Sigh :-( . Sending many prayers and strength to all 3 of you immensely. Hope you get regulated soon Sophie!

Yes! So sorry to hear of Sophie's diagnosis, but nice knowing she is in a place where she will get loving expert care. Much of the battle- figuring out what's going on- is behind you now, knock wood!

I never I thought I would be capable of giving our dear girl twice daily insulin shots (and repeatedly explaining we do so because we love her), and even teaching my dad how to help while we went on vacation, as we were lucky to sustain 2 years of treatment. I know YOU know that better than anyone It's amazing what you can do for your pups. Good luck!

we adopted a sheltie 3 years ago & discovered he had diabetes; went thru 6 months of monitoring and urine/blood tests until we got his dosage right; he's dong great now; took a while but is worth it

I'm sending healing thoughts to Sophie. With your loving care, I'm sure she'll get regulated soon and she'll be back to herself in no time!

Don't forget the new Shelter Challenge, everyone!

Never a dull moment doing your passionate work. Be well sweet Sophie!!

What a way to start off the new year! :( One of my 'grand-cats', who is about 14 years old, has been on insulin for about 6 years, and he's doing great, so hopefully there will be a good result with Sophie.

Poor Sophie! What a way to ring in the New Year. I'm sure she hopes you settle on a dosage soon and stop pricking her ears.

The next Shelter Challenge started today at, so it's time to start voting again! I know from experience that emergency vet care is super expensive, so Sophie needs your clicks!

I missed your blog. Sorry you spent a holiday with a medical situation. Darn it. Little Sophie, you get better fast girlfriend!

Oh how I was glad to see a new post after the break, but so very very sorry for what you are going through. Stay strong and keep warm. Hopefully you aren't experiencing the -25 degrees we are in MN. It's brutal.

Poor little Sophie!
She is lucky that the household staff is so well-trained in so many medical procedures. Thanks to both of you for taking such good care of her!

Sophie will work things out and she will be herself in no time. In the early 1990's my basset hound became diabetic. Until we got things leveled out I had to follow him around each morning for a urine sample. I ended up getting a petri dish for him to stand over. The things we do! Dealing with a diabetic cat (just recently diagnosed)has been less complicated due to advances in veterinary medicine. It may take a while to get the correct levels, but as you know, these little heart thieves are worth every minute.

Those are mighty sweet ears but oh crap on the diagnosis! Give her another piece of wood to carry around the house. Oh, Sweet Sophie, I'm so sorry!

Best wishes to all at RDF and extra pats for Sophie-- and for you both in caring for a diabetic. Sophie is fortunate to have an early diagnosis and to be where she is receiving excellent care at home. We had a diabetic senior and know that Sophie must be feeling so much better now. What a good girl!

Oh poor Sophie. She is lucky to have you two to keep an eye on her. It is nice to read your blog this morning. Happy New Year to you both and your animal family.

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