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December 13, 2013


Love them both~

I wish my cat Gabby felt this way! And the vet is so caring, I feel sorry Gabby is so unmoved. I try to reason with her, but she does not respond!

Altho the "Loves" may be considered "special needs" by some, others of us know them to be "magical" and this proves it!! What sweeties!

It makes life so much easier when our dogs don't mind going to the vet. Glad Widget and Travis have such a good attitude. One of mine shakes while in the waiting room, but when she gets into the exam room and sees the vet, she's fine. My other dog has no problems at all at the vet. Guess I'm lucky that way :)

Well, that's a nice change of pace, to have dogs that enjoy going to the vet. Our dog liked it too. It was just one more place to explore.

That is sweet, leave it to the Widg. One of our dogs starts shaking once she sees the vet's building. Our other dog (a beagle of course) doesn't mind because he knows our vet gives out liver snaps. Our vet is great and is very friendly and the foxhound calms down once she is in the examining room. She is a very good, cooperative patient but the waiting gets to her. The beagle is just thinking treats are in there somewhere.

the furry kids love car rides! Mine gets all excited when I dig out the duffle bag, cuz they know it involves a camping trip.... which may mean boarding for 2 of them at kennel camp... with one actually going camping. we always board at our vet, and I teased them one year about how the boarders need to make macaroni art while at kennel kamp. they surprised me this last time with macaroni art and noodle necklaces!


Well I don't know what your secret is, but my dogs and cats HATE going to the vet, and the vet is awesome! So, I guess you have the magic touch, or luck of the Irish!

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