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December 20, 2013


The least you could do is put a tidbit on the pillow for the poor dog.

Oh, she looks perfectly happy with her scrunched-up bed. I've never been successful getting dogs to use ramps either. Whenever the vet says "Don't let them jump up for the next week," I believe they are describing an ideal state which they know it's not possible to achieve, but they feel bound to say it anyway.

I love this! Darla is the epitome of the saying "it's a dogs life". I'm thinking that Widget has competition in the "who can make the minions do more" category. She sure looks comfy and cozy in her bed...I wish I had someone to take care of me as well as you take care of all your RDF sweeties :)

I noticed the step/ramp as soon as I saw the picture. How you do what you do for so many animals is so admirable. I think I understand the love and commitment you have as I share that with my dogs, but to multiply that by 50 or so is mind boggling!! I'm so glad to have found you and to follow along with all that you do.

She looks for comfortable and cozy! She's at the right FIVE STAR hotel!!!

Hilarious post - and I'm for you all having a book put together - you'd raise tons for the Farm! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Washington State - God bless you and keep you safe, warm, and with enough bedding to go around!

I have learned to make a bed with small and medium dogs in it... but the big dogs are a little tougher to work with, LOL.

Darla is probably wanting breakfast in bed. Ya know, like doggy cereal while she watches cartoons. Yeah, she needs a tv too!

I laugh as soon as I look at the picture posted even before I read the comedic story behind the picture. It would be nice if someone could work with you to publish a book of these blogs. I, for one, would definitely purchase at least one.

So good to see Darla relaxing on "her" bed! Hope she is doing well.

Wishing all of you at RDF a Very Merry Christmas and a joyous 2014!

Good to know you and Alayne learn quickly. Darla will have you two trained in no time!

What a perfect picture of cozy. Seeing sweet Darla so content in HER room is a gift to us all. Stay warm!

I think waiting for housekeeping is just the ticket as you look so comfy!! I got a ramp for my little dog and I had to do the same thing to get her to use it. Even to the point of putting her front legs on the first step. She acted like this is so humiliating please don't make me to do this!! Now she uses it all the time, at least for going up anyway!!

Happy Holidays!!!

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