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December 04, 2013


Very nice story, thanks for sharing!

When I initially looked at the photos, I couldn't tell who was goat and who was dog --- Polar is aptly named and he looks just like the white Maremma's. Your story really illustrates how it takes and old goat to tame a couple of young frisky dudes. Thanks for brightening my day!

Love, love, love the pics. Polar is such a unique looking fella.

I'm not sure if it's Animal Planet or NatGeo Wild that has a show called Unlikely Animal Friends which I love to watch. Wouldn't this be great for one of their shows? I love the interaction between the dogs and goats. It's wonderful how anyone can get along if given the chance. Thanks for posting these great pictures!

Is this Rolling Dog Farm or Delta House (from the movie, "Animal House")? Lively young males can be a lot to handle. Luckily you folks were up to the task. I enjoyed this story.
BTW, I loved the story about Darla and her four sisters. She's a clever dog. I imagine Darla's a keeper for RDF.

There's a lot of people who would pay you to house their hyperactive dog with Polar for a few days.

I am AMAZED how much the puppies have grown. Sounds like you have found the perfect situation for all involved. There is a book called "Unlikely Friends" and these pictures could be a part of it. Thanks for such a WONDERFUL BLOG!! Loved it!!!!

This is such a sweet story of inter-species friendship, and I love the pictures.

This is magical!!!

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