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December 09, 2013


So glad he is safe and sound with love surrounding him!!!

Tanner is exactly where he needs to be.

I'm thinking Timmy needs a three-legged playmate!! Although I don't think the cats and little Miss April would appreciate another dog in the house...but then again the more the merry! If I had a bigger place, I would definitely take him!

Tanner is gorgeous! I'll bet he'll be blending in very quickly. Welcome home to RDF couldn't be in a better place!

Tanner welcome to the best day of your life--RDF!!! Thank you all who saved this wonderful boy. In a world of such heartbreak in animal rescue it does my soul good to see one like Tanner get saved!!!! RDF is a group we are proud to support!

He is so handsome! Can't wait to hear what solutions the vet may have for his troubled leg. No matter what, he is a fine dog. So glad you could take him!

So glad Holli started Tanner on his way to the farm. She has a heart of gold! Once you get that leg dealt with I hope you don't fall too in love with him, He might have to take over a home of his own!! What a great story. Thank you Holli, Steve & Alayne. One animal at a time...blessings

It is so amazing to see how much love he has even after his rough start. Tanner is going to look really handsome when he fills out a bit. Welcome sweet boy! We are sending you love and looking forward to updates.

I just want to cry!!!! Tanner, welcome. You are in good hands. And SAFE!!!! Holli the volunteer is a guardian angel!!!

Welcome Home Tanner!!
He does look like a very sweet boy! Love him up right now because I have a feeling that someone is going to want to adopt him. Handsome, sweet and athletic, what a great dog he would be for anyone.

And another sweet dog finds a great home at Rolling Dog Farm. What a wonderful Christmas Tanner will have. Stories like this just make my week.


I don't know why, but for some reason I get the feeling that when Travis and Tanner hook up you may have 2 - 3rds of the 3 Musketeers on your hands. LoL out looking for Adventures.

Tanner (a perfect name, btw) may be a little unsure, but I think he knows he's found a good, good place to live.

Welcome, Tanner. I don't think you'll be there very long. Just sayin'.

Tanner, if your Christmas wish was for a home and some love, Santa heard you! Have a beautiful holiday and some Christmas cuddles!

I'm so glad he is now with you, so you can love him and take care of him like he should be.

Thanks to Holli and all who work the front lines to rescue animals. You are a special type of angel and have admiration and gratitude from many. The T-Man will settle in and learn of love with Alayne and Steve. On a personal note, we have a 3-legged rescue pug who can run laps, literally, around any other dog or human!

Welcome home to Tanner!!

Wow Tanner looks to be a fabulous dog. I would take him if I didn't already have 4 rescue pets (3 dogs and a cat).
I can only donate $20.00 dollars a month. I hope it at least helps feed the little fella.

Welcome are in a good beginnings

It's wonderful to know that Tanner is in such loving hands now (and in time for the Holidays, too)!

God bless you & Holli for saving his life. He's just precious!

Welcome Tanner. What a lucky guy you are!! Thank you Holli for your brave and compassionate work. You two too, Steve and Alayne!

Poor Tanner has had a hard time! Now his luck has changed and he'll be happy ever after. Yes, that leg definitely needs help. He's still a very handsome boy and looks very sweet. (And Tanner is a much better name than his previous two!)

It certainly looks like Tanner already knows how good his life just became:-)Thank you Alayne and Steve!!!

Welcome, Tanner! What a gorgeous boy. I hope all goes well with the vet visit. I can't wait to see more pictures.


Tanner is a beautiful boy! Thank you guys SO MUCH, and Holli, for making this happen! Prayers for a good resolution to the leg issue. You guys really are angels in disguise.

He is so very beautiful, but that raw stump has to hurt!
Do you have any idea how old he might be? How wonderful you all could take him!!! Merry Christmas, Tanner!

He is a good looking boy. Think he already knows he's safe.

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