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December 18, 2013


There is such a lot to remember when you're running a farm, especially in a cold climate. It's always nice when the expert repairman is stumped too... as long as they can figure it out eventually! Sounds like you have great mechanics!

AH yes, those darn "notes to self" are always many when you learn the hard way. One of our's are, "Find the gas cans before the storm." With a 24' snowfall in one day a few years ago, the generator was needing to get started up. We store a little gas, but not a lot, but we have plenty of gas cans to go to town and fill up. Scattered behind three different out buildings, they were so covered with snow, we finally opted to just buy more! Yes, it's always something!

This reminds me of one of the lines Gilda Radner used in a skit on the old Saturday Night Live shows (try to picture her voice)..."if it's not one thing, it's another!" Wow, am I aging myself!

Glad the final fix was not expensive. Sometimes the most minor parts end up causing the most problems!

With all that you must do, it's to be expected that things are sometimes overlooked. The "priority" can change from hour to hour, particularly with as many adorable "priorities" as you manage or manage you!


It's always something. At least you didn't have to shovel the whole thing by hand!!!

Well now THAT was a cliff hanger! I kept expecting to read that you stayed out in the cold to long and had to be treated for frostbite & hypothermia or that you herniated a disk attempting to fix the snow plow in the cold. Or at least got a bad crick in your neck! You are hardy folk and it was a relief to find out it was a mechanical doctor that was needed.

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