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December 17, 2013


Just ordered 3 books for my daughter's's a great idea for children to learn compassion early in life!

Thank you!!!

What a great thing for the author to do... thank you, Melissa! I'll be visiting your website. :o)

Oh loved those Poodle girls. I have all of Melissa's other books. She is amazing!

Just saw the photos of Priscilla and Molly. They're gorgeous. The book is full of wonderful photos and heartwarming (with a touch of heartbreaking) stories.

Well Steve, you got me again. I love it when you do that. I've got four books on the way. Three for me. One to give away. Thank you for making me aware of them.

HOw wonderful!!!! Looks like a great book. BTW, any word on how the poodle sisters are doing? I remember when you got them and when you adopted them out. Beautiful girls!!!

I have Melissa's other books, and they are gorgeous portraits and heartwarming stories. Looking forward to my copy of the Puppymill book. Happy to see some RDF dogs in it!

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