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December 02, 2013


Silly humans! I can't see the difference either but Darla wouldn't try to fool you. She's too cute!!!!

I'm surprised she didn't buy a pair of Groucho glasses with the nose and eyebrows to help her fool the minions.

Thanks for the laugh--very humorous!!! Darla, Marla, Sharla, Carla---love them all....

All=if you are having trouble voting with Internet Explorer, try Firefox. I think if you don't have the latest version of IE, you will have issues. But Firefox seems to be okay.

Smooches to Darla and all her twin sisters!

Miss Marla sure knows how to work mama and papa! It is sweet to see this darling dog enjoying life.

It's part of that old refrain: Darla, Marla, Bo Carla, Fee Fi Mo Sharla ..... DARLA!

I think she thinks there is a magical correlation between sitting beside table legs and receiving treats. Soon she'll start trying this at coffee tables, card tables, etc. Very smart, very resourceful! and very cute.

From one Marla to another.....YOU GO GIRL! And to Steve.....THANK YOU for featuring my name....I have lived my whole life rarely seeing it or hearing it on TV or in print.....I was sooooo excited to see "MARLA"....especially on one of my fave doggies! Too bad it isn't her real name.

That's really funny. Spoiled dogs are just plain funny! (and smart!)

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