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November 04, 2013


Very cute

Seeing these cute pictures and the way Bugsy is standing, I started imagining Bugsy and my dog Radar forming a "squirrel treeing team". Between the 2 of them, there wouldn't be a squirrel bothering anyone in a tree anywhere in my backyard or my neighbors' backyards. Radar is a treeing dog and stands exactly like Bugsy.

Thanks for sharing Bugsy with us!

Bugsy looks so good!!!

Bugsy wanted to show that although he has turned into a mush with you he is still a rough tough guy. This picture does show what a little guy he is. I can't believe he is your lone watchdog. I figured it was pandemonium at RDF whenever anyone other than the regulars showed up.

Good work Bugsy! We certainly can't have any pesky squirrels trespassing in our trees. Now that he has achieved this feat, no doubt he will do it again and again, until the legend spreads among the local squirrel population.

It's nice to know you've got a good watchdog there. And he's so darn cute, too. You wouldn't even know he was blind in that pose at the base of the tree. Except I'm not sure sure he's really looking in the direction of the squirrel. But he's a good watchdog, nonetheless. And it was good to see Bugsy; it's been a while.

A dog being a dog. That is what people need to know about what a blind animal can do...They can be who they are. Good boy Bugsy.

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