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November 18, 2013


Sweet sweet Wilbur!!! He is loved!!!

Oh Wilbur! I'm glad this was caught when you were just leaving. Good timing, Wilbur. Hope you're feeling lots better now!!

Oh little Wilbur. So glad you received such wonderful care. You just keep resting and healing and soon you will be completely back to your adorable self.

Mucho Besos, Chico.



Poor little tyke. Glad he came through. Sending some love his way from Tacoma, WA!

Wilbur's got my vote for the "World's-Most-Expensive-One-Eyed-Chihuahua."

Poor Wilber. He looks a bit pooped in the picture. I'm sure now that he's not in pain and able to rest I'm sure he'll bounce back in true Wilber fashion. He is one cute little guy.

Mucho prayers for a speedy recovery. Luv that kissable face. :-)

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