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November 25, 2013


What a wonderful boy you are Travis. And you have so many people who love you!

Your mouth is going to feel so good after the dental work in January.

God is blessing you! You have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and each day, especially for Widget and Travis miracles. :-D

Funny, I never noticed that Travis' head was unusual. I always thought of him as the dog with the aerodynamic head. I hope this improves his life. He seems so dear.

I wish you and Alayne a wonderful, happy Thanksgiving!

Everyone keep voting! I know the economy still sucks... and if you can't donate $, you can give by voting.

All I can think to say is WOW!!!

This is just great! I am amazed at everything we learn from your blogs. Everybody needs to keep voting in the shelter challenge for Rolling Dog Farm!

It's amazing how much I learn from your blog. I never would have imagined that there would be something like this procedure available. I'm so glad that it's helping Travis so much and that he'll be able to get his much needed dental work done. You go, Travis!

This is totally awesome and a wonderful gift for the dental college to give Travis a better life. Three cheers to everyone involved, especially Travis!!

Travis, one of my favorite boys! So good to hear this is going to happen. I miss him so much...actually I miss all of you so much. Sending good ju ju to Travis/Widget and the rest of the fur family :)

Such an extraordinary story!Everyone involved is SO amazing!
Best wishes and luck to Travis with his new abilities, fabulous doctors, and supportive staff!

I'm in awe. This is an amazing story. Love you Travis, god bless Steve and Alayne and to Travis' doctors!!!

Who would have thought... that's ingenious. So glad that Travis will be able to get some much-needed dental work. I'm sure he is thrilled with his new freedom to pant and maybe eat a bit more easily.

Ditto everyone's comments as well as queries about life after the dental in January. It is, in any event, amazing!

I also adopted a boy with mmm so I find this amazing!!!

Great news! Will this last after the treatment is complete? Will be be able to pant, etc.?

I am so happy for Travis. I hope all continues to go well for this new, drastic proceedure. How clever to put tongue depressors to such good use. With you two helping him and his willingness to work on his situation, who knows how far he can go. Our 2 dogs say to tell him, "Good for him! Keep it up."

I'm with the others and want to know if this will reverse itself. I'm so glad things like this are now possible. Travis has always been one of my favorites!

Yay for Travis!! He is the coolest! His story and his escapades (climbing snowbanks to run on down the road) have always made me smile. Nice to know he will be smiling pretty here soon. Thank you for taking such good care of this special boy.

OMG!!!! That is AMAZING!!! I had to read it and re-read it. When I saw Travis on the table my heart sunk and then to read the blog---WOW!!!

So after the dental in Jan., will he go back to being the way he was, with his mouth being completely closed? I'm assuming the maintenance is what's keeping his mouth open, and once that stops, it will be back to his old normal. Either way, getting the teeth cleaned so he stays healthy and painfree is a big step for him. Better blend up something really special for this guy!! He really deserves it!

That's amazing! I bet Travis is loving the fact he can open his mouth.

Just when you think you've heard everything. What an amazing story. Travis probably can't believe how much better life is. The answer was so low tech, no atomic powered jaw synthesizer just someone with an idea that might work. Good for Travis.

What a miracle made possible with lots of hard work! Go Clickity Clack! (But you're awfully cute with your gruel "artfully" spread on your face and bib).

Yeah Travis! Good for you. I hope your dental goes well in January.

We all know this is the season of miracles so it is no wonder that Travis is making such good headway.

After his dental surgery, will he retain his ability to open and close his mouth and eat better and feel more normal? It must be a sensational feeling for him! Tongue depressors! Who would have guessed?!

Unbelievable!! Who knew? With all your veterinary knowledge through coping with all the varied disabilities, who knew it would be a simple and slow prying open of the jaw. Travis is so luck to have a life, because of you, and now, even at this stage in life, more improvement!!


It's kind of hard to see Travis' smile with the tongue depressors, but I think it's there!

That is awesome!!

Wow! Travis must be beside himself with his new found abilities. Hopefully this opening ability won't reverse itself too much over time when he's off the meds.

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