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November 08, 2013


The "looks" the dogs give their humans at the beginning is a very familiar look in my house - "Mommie, she's sleeping in my bed and I'm too bashful to do anything about it - can you pleeaaaase move her????"

That's hilarious! I love the way most of the dogs at the start of the video look over at whoever is behind the camera, obviously saying, "Can you believe this? Aren't you going to do something about this?"

Great video, thanks for posting!

Oh, gosh, what a cute video! Thanks for today's smile :)

I love this

A friend sent this to me as well and I had to share it with everyone I know who loves cat/dogs. It's hilarious - but ohsotrue!!

I totally understand why someone would share this - it's a riot!! Those cats could care less that the dogs have no place to sleep. Was having a more than usual stressful day at work and this one made me laugh out loud! Thanks Steve and fellow blog reader. I'm going to pass this one on!!

Too. Funny.

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