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October 18, 2013


Such a good boy--- glad all is well with Spinner.

That must have been so scary for you Spinner, but it sounds like you were very brave.

Wonderful to hear the good news of the biopsy results and how well the healing is going on. We love you Spinner!!!

Hooray for the $1000! Their previous site was easy to navigate and vote on. So why change a successful system?!?! This round was a mess--with inconsistent links and mass confusion. How frustrating for us who want to support you and for you knowing we were trying, but getting thwarted at every click. I hope they realized from the spotty results they received that they would be better going back to the old and workable system.

Poor Spinner, I'm sure she was spinning her wheels in her haste to leave the vet's office. Lucky girl to have a more comfortable eye now.

Yes, it took an extra few minutes to figure out the new Shelter Challenge website, but I'm just glad that the Shelter Challenge exists. All of us spending a few seconds a day gained you some money to help with your day-in day-out efforts, and some visibility as well.

I adore Spinner! I'm so happy to hear that everything is fine. I'm sure she's excited being home and hopefully she won't have to go to the vet again any time soon!

Congratulations. You deserve it. How are the horses doing? Are you taking in new horses or are you concentrating on dogs.

Glad to hear all is right with Spinner-and I hope she doesn't have to ride in the van again any time soon!

Glad to hear this great news about Spinner. I've followed her a long time and she is one of my favorites...actually, I guess they all are. :-)

Spinner holds a special place in my heart for all that she has over come and the great attitude she maintains. I am so very happy that the news was good regarding her "lid" and she got outta' there fast!

Puppy Kisses from All The Rivards

Won't they let you hold her???? Oh I'm glad that's over and all is well. You know how I feel about Spinner!! :-)

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