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October 16, 2013


I totally believe that just their presence is a real deterrent. We recently had a bunch of dogs move away from our neighborhood, and the evidence of bear poop into the lawn, and deer sightings at the apple trees has significantly increased. Your team is wonderful!

Thanks for these wonderful follow-up photos! Who says working can't be fun! I wish I could spend a day at RDF just to see everything that you post about. What a joy that would be!

I suppose if the coyotes would take a kid goat, they would snatch a little dog like Wilbur too so the big dogs probably also keep the tiny dogs safe as well as the chicken and goats just by their presence. I have heard of coyotes taking small dogs and cats from yards and around homes before. I guess they can be very determined and quite vicious.

Yay doggies!!!

LOVE these pictures love this post--but then again love everything about RDF!!

I read today that the Farm did win a prize in the Shelter Challenge. I'm so glad you were able to win the state prize even though we couldn't get you more votes to win a larger prize. We'll try harder next time. And the Maremmas are beautiful. Looks like the adults are as big as the goats!

I'm so very proud of these four Italian-American dogs!:-))

They are such big sort of goofy love bug looking dogs. Hard to picture them going into attack or defense, if you will, mode and teeth showing. Apparently they've got the vibe as all remains safe at the Farm!

Everybody loves apples! And no more free lunch for the coyotes. Good work Gina and her henchmen!

How long does it take for a Maremma to mature? I should think such a large dog would need a couple of years to be fully mature, although it might appear to be an adult by one year.

Good Dogs!

It is nice to see that the dogs can have some fun even when they are working! It sounds like they are doing their job.

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