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October 23, 2013


That's one brave turkey!

How wonderful to find that out from the Shelter Challenge. I'm not surprised that RDF is at the top! You deserve everything that you get because of all the wonderful things that you do!

If Darla finds the turkey in her chair she'll pay plenty of attention.

That is great news about the Shelter Challenge. Congratulations to you and Alayne. You deserve this and much more.

And it is so great to know that a little thing like voting everyday can make a big difference in the lives of everyone at RDF.

Congrats to everyone who has been loyally voting all these years too!

Very cool! You guys deserve to win just like Darla deserves to see. I vote every time :-)

You reap what you sew! So no surprise RDF has done so well in these contests! Love the turkey too. God Bless Everyone

Spinner is doing well, Widget seems better, the wild turkey post is so funny and Rolling Dog being such a winner for the shelter challenges. It doesn't get any better news than this. You guys deserve all of the good things happening.

Way to go Rollind Dog!

I love animal mavericks. I'm glad to see that your turkey visitor is back again. Thanks for sharing the awesome news about the 5-year record high. And Darla is a perfect representative to show what you've been able to do.


Way to go!!

WOW, thank you for the article on the Shelter really puts things in PRESPECTIVE!!!!

Welcome back wild turkey where all live in peace at RDF.

Congratulations! You deserve to be the most consistent winner because you're so consistently there for animals who need you the most!

You deserve every penny, not only for what you do for the animals, but for what you do for the environment, as well. A small footprint is a good footprint, ecologically speaking, of course. (I didn't want to upset anyone with big feet!)



I love wild turkeys and this one in particular definitely isn't afraid of the dogs. Funny that Darla isn't even interested. I read the article about your winnings from the shelter challenges and had no idea it had amounted to so much. That's wonderful! We know it has been put to good use.

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