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October 28, 2013


Thank you, Wendy, for keeping us posted on dear Stoney and Baron!!! They are so photogenic! Makes me smile every time I see their cute little faces! Thanks to Rolling Dog Farm for rescuing these two, and you, Wendy for giving them their own home!

Too CUTE! Two of the luckiest most adorable dogs on the planet. Thank you Wendy for keeping us updated on your pups. I have seen lots of photos of Baron but he is an especially 'HOT' K9Chippendale. Stoney looks like a very friendly K9Ghost. May Halloween have lots of treats for all of you.

How adorable! What good babies to join with mere mortals in the Halloween fun. I'm afraid my adorable babies would never sit still for it!

It is always awesome to see photos of animals adopted out from the ranch....and a big thank you to Wendy M. for sharing photos once in awhile, I've been a fan of the ranch since '08 and I remember Stoney and Baron's adoption.
Wishing you many more happy holidays together....: )

So cute! I love involving the whole family for Halloween and getting everyone excited about treats and dressing up.

That is absolutely adorable.

So. Adorable!!! And Baron has only gotten cuter over the years, if that's even possible.

And i have to say, I found it hysterical, Steve, that you actually added a link to the term "Chippendale".

Awww, they look so cute...2 handsome fellas! It's so nice to see how the RDF alumni are doing in their homes. Thanks for today's smile!

Chippendale Baron? Really?... haha! Love that little guy! Miss Wendy and the whole crew too!

That made me laugh out loud! LOVE IT!!!

So cute! Thanks for posting!

***BIG SMILES*** indeed....too fun! Thanks for sharing with us!

Remember them both. Baron has the same great smile in both pictures. It is nice to get updates on the alums.

Adorable howl-oween costumes! Thanks for updating us on former residents of the farm! Time to VOTE again!!

LOVE the alumni updates! Thanks Wendy, and thanks for sharing Steve.
That is one hot little Chippendale!! and one scary, scary ghost!!!
Happy howl-o-ween!!

What a scream! This is a great way to start the week and to end the month. Well done, Wendy. I never saw a more elegant ghost, and Baron ought to be restricted to adults-only viewers. :)

How cute! It's always nice to see how former RDF residents are doing and these two seem to be very happy. Baron makes a great Chippendale! Speaking of former residents, I always wonder how Herbie the cat is doing. Any word? He was a favorite of mine.

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