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October 30, 2013


Vot'n for the acorn!!!!

Love him!!!

Awww, I love me some Wilbur! I don't think he needs a costume...he's just too darn cute on his own :)

I'd say, if you're that cute, no need to worry about getting to the treats, because treats will come to you. Therefore I'd go for the blanket. Also, it will keep you warm on those chilly October evenings.

r thinks the treats should come to him. He'll be in a nearby sleeve waiting.

He has such handsome ears. I'm an ears gal all the way and he's got 'em!!!


Oh how I truly love this little one.


What? Stick an eye-patch on that baby.....he would make the best pirate ever.....has just the right look for it.....I can see him saying "Argh, matey...shiver me timbers!"

Hi Wilbur! I luv the acorn (and all of your creations!)
Finally just got a new box of blankies shipped your way yesterday... so hope you get 1st choice :) But I say that to all the dogs! Hugs all!

Oh my gosh! What a hoot!!!

OK, I've gotta ask. Did he find that hole in the blanket himself in that second photo or did he have help?? Poor Wilbur, don't let them make fun of you. You're way too cute!!! You even look good as an acorn. It's odd seeing the cutie without his little tongue sticking out. Always glad for a Wilbur blog post. Thanks.

I am really lovin' the acorn look since I can see the Wilbster's darling face!

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