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October 21, 2013


Wonderful news.

It's a great day for this wonderful news! I laughed so hard at Widget's grueling schedule! Keep it up Wid, we love you any which way you roll! : )

Oh that's wonderful, wonderful news. I am so happy for you all!! And as far as Widget wanting just exactly what she wants in the way of chair covers......well, YOU GO WIDGE!!

We just adopted a new Rotty mix that spent her first five years of life with a homeless person, on the street. For some reason, neither my husband or I can bring ourselves to keep her off of the couch that other dogs have been forbidden to sleep on. She brings so much happiness and joy, well, a couch is just a couch, isn't it!!

And all is right in the world. Amen and you go Widget!

GREAT NEWS!!!! Way to go Widget, and all of you that provide such wonderful care!

Three cheers for Widget (and for her doctors and human parents, too, of course)!!!

These are truly marvellous news!

Yay Widgie!!! You go girl! Life is for enjoying........ahhh......

Hurrah for Widget's news! Here's hoping for smooth sailing from here on.
Widget, as a goat curry fan, I understand your preference for ground goat, and I *kid* you not.

Yay, doing the happy dance! So glad Widget is doing so well...she's a tough old broad! You can see by those pictures what a tough life she has lol! I spend a lot of time washing the covers on my couches and chairs. Have to let my 2 dogs be comfortable :)

Glad she is doing good. Keep up the Good work you two do.

Hurrah, Widget is on the mend! Sleep, eat, potty, eat goat, hang out with Steve and Alayne.... Life is gooooooood for Widget!

Congratulations Widget! This is great news. And it's great to see her showing off her patented, unique sleep position on two different chairs. :) Interesting about the goat... I've never eaten it myself, so I am unacquainted with its specific tastiness, but clearly it has magical cancer-fighting, chemo-recovery properties for Widget. Thanks for the update, I've been thinking about her.

And do you notice, no matter how carefully you cover the chair cushions, they always manage to get to them and get them all dirty!!! :) :) I am so happy to hear the news regarding our dear Widget. I'd love to join her rolling around on my back but can only do it in my "mind's eye" these days!

BEST BEST news!! Way to go Widget!!

Whoopeeeee! Keep it up Widget (and Steve and Alyane).

Wait, I can hear Widget telling her minions something... "more goat". Great news about our girl.

Good Morning.....well thank you so much for the GREAT news on our dear girl...lots of love sent to you all xox

Wonderful Widget! Such great news!!


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