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October 07, 2013



Thank you for this sweet story. I'm working on getting all meat out of my diet. This just goes to show that even chickens have an emotional life.

this is such a sweet, heartwarming story Steve, thank you for sharing it with us!! the image of Henny Penny keeling over to be next to her friend will stay with me for a long time for whenever I'll need a happy picture in my mind :)

I've shared my yard with rescue hens (in the Netherlands some folks make the effort to save the most we can from slaughter after laying for a year's straight but the numbers are awful ofcourse -a 100 saved from 60.000 a shed. but for the 100, it's life!!) and they are the cutest personalities to be around.

Definitely a case of nurture vs. nature there! She sees and senses all the good stuff that goes around her...what an awesome little chick! Thanks for sharing, I loved this story, and I love that their names are Henny Penny and Gladys!

This is an awesome story!!! Really made my day! :) :) :)

That is lovely

What a great story

Thank you for telling this story. What lucky animals live on RDF.
I recently read a post on Jon Katz's blog that included the line "empathy is rarely forged by an easy life". And here you suggest that if chickens do feel empathy, perhaps that's why Henny Penny befriended Gladys. None of the able body ones did. Interesting...

Dear, dear, Henny Penny. I hope she lives a very long life. I really needed that sweet story today.

Wonderful story!! Kindof a Rolling Hen Farm story! Ditto the other writers - thank you for a wonderful, heartwarming, awesome story.

If Henny Penny had to land her little self in any farm yard in the world, she sure picked the right one! She fits in just fine. Bless her gimpy little self.

**beautiful***....the power of a 'true friend'....thank you for sharing with us...

that is just an awesome story! Thank you for the smile today!

What a sweet and lovely story! Maybe someday you might get a video of Henny Penny walking around the yard. Thank you for telling us about HP and Gladys. Have a great week, RDF!

Oh what a neat story. It just keeps making you realize how wonderful God's creatures are. Thanks for sharing the heart warming story.

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