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October 09, 2013


Dog lovers knew this instinctively.

I read someplace that pigs are smarter than dogs. Wonder if anyone has done or ever will do such a study on pigs.

Thanks so much for sharing this article -- although we, of course, always knew our dogs were people. It's nice to have something to show to those who doubt that dogs have feelings. As always, Steve, you keep us informed.

hi, thanks indeed for sharing the article and I agree whole heartedly with the previous comments. we knew all along as animal lovers and no, that is not anthropomorphic! what would be a word to describe the opposite, as Barb says about how close minded humans can be?

anyway, I hope that law will follow reason (badger cull, anyone?) and dogs and everybody (!)else will finally be adequately proteced from the top of the idiot chain...

sorry, obviously my mood isn't a happy one right now!

Thanks for sending the very interesting article about "Dogs are People Too".
Gee, I hope that sad-looking dog managed to get a good home.

Finally! Scientific teeth to something all us animal lovers have known all along! Thank you for sharing this, and for all you do all the two are my heroes...:)

Linda Nordstrom
(I vote EVERY day in the challenge)

Interesting article, thanks for linking. Of course all of us here have always known that dogs have emotions, thoughts, opinions, likes and dislikes, but hopefully this scientific evidence will change other people's attitudes and ensure more legal protection for dogs.

Amazing information they are finding by doing this and hopefully it will at some point help to create and enforce laws that protect the rights of animals. All of us animal lovers know instinctively that dogs, cats, and all animals, have much in common with us and that we are in fact responsible for caring for them or at minimum seeing that no harm is done. The picture is indeed haunting. Thank you for pointing this article out. I am going to get his book as well. Right after I VOTE!!!

Thank you for the link to this article. I found it extremely interesting. I'm happy that someone is taking on the challenge that this professor is. It's just too bad that even evidence like this doesn't change some people's minds about animals having feelings and emotions. It amazes me how closed minded humans can be. They think they own the world, which is such a shame.

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