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September 18, 2013


Prayers going out for Widget! I, too, am dealing with canine cancer right now. My girl is 14 and is untreatable; but she's not in any pain, so we just take it one day at a time. I hope Widget responds to her chemo and becomes cancer free. It's such an ugly disease, for both man and beast. God bless you, Steve and Alayne, and Widget, too!

Steve and Alyane: My dog, Jack, had heart disease and lymphoma as well. I didn't think we could do chemo, but his cardiologist thought he could handle it and he did! He was about 12 or 13 years old when we started, and he lived another 13 months after diagnosis (the vest said without chemo, 6-8 weeks). We had our ups and downs, but it was worth it and we went through it together as a team. We even had a website for him with updates on his treatments and progress. He died 3 years ago but the website is still there if you (or anyone else) are interested. Our prayers for you and Widget. The only upside to lymphoma is that they get very tired but it isn't particularly painful like other cancers. Best of luck to all of you. Hang in there.

I have been offline while on a vacation so just saw this. We lost a cat to lymphoma five years ago. He had already lost one kidney so we couldn't use one of the three chemo drugs for cats. He had a rough time and unfortunately it didn't work for him. I sure hope Widget has a much better outcome. Good luck to all.

Aw, precious Widget. Do well, sweetheart. I'll say a prayer for you.


Sending good thoughts, hugs and love your way.

Sending positive and healing thoughts your way! Widget is strong in spirit and that will go a long way in this new battle.

Sending Widget a bunch of belly rubs! Well, I guess I can't do that via the computer. Steve & Alayne, could you give our girl some extra belly rubs for me please? Thinking good thoughts for Widget!!!

Thinking of you Steve and Alayne and sending our love to the Queen Bee. RDF is a very good place for any dog needing special care.

Prayers for Widget! We love you!

Sending healing thoughts to you every day dear strong Widget.

I am so sorry to hear about Widget's lymphoma. So thankful you are near such good care for her. I am sure her care from you will help her tremendously. She is such a strong force! I will continue to think positively for you all.

Sending healing thoughts and energy to you all. Widget is such a special being. I'm sure you made the right decision to proceed with treatment. If she had been in on the discussion, I'm quite sure she would have said, "NO question, let's fight this thing!"

Okay Widget---you show all those doctors that you are made of extra strong 'stuff'. You are soooo loved:-)

Love, love and more love.

Believing in Widget and embracing her with all the love, enjoying every second of her, and praying for her and your family!

"With a cardiologist, internist and oncologist all on her team, we think Widget is in the best possible hands": that's for sure (and I'm not just talking about the doctors' hands...)!

I'll be keeping you and Widget in my thoughts and prayers.

I am sorry about this bad news. I will be sending positive thoughts your way! And Widget, keep enjoying life!

Will be praying for her daily, as well as for the both of you. One thing I learned a long time ago was to never give up. God has his plan

Get better soon, Widget. You can do it!!

Sending many prayers for darling Widget from me and my dogs Angel and Radar. She is in the best hands and I'll bet she'll come through her chemo with flying colors.

I recently returned from a monthlong trip back to my home state of NJ for the birth of my first grandchild (a sweet girl!) and I'm just getting caught up reading the blog. So much going on at RDF! So glad to see some of the lighthearted stories as well.

All our love to Widget!

:( thanks for your optimistic decision on this. Vet medicine has improved on this particular cancer and results. :)

I am so very sorry to hear this current news. It always breaks my heart to hear of sad news about any of the dogs. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers

I have to admit that Widget has been on my mind a lot lately, weeks before your post today. I have felt like something was wrong or would happen. I am very sorry to learn about her cancer.
I believe you're making a good decision with the chemo because as you said, she looks and acts like nothing is wrong so let's give the chemo a try and be positive. Let's all make a pack together! Positive...positive thinking and intentions, whatever is in the best interest of Widget must be done.

There are lots of reasons I like RDF but the Widget is number one. I hope she has as much time with us as possible and as always I know you have her best interests at heart. She has had a great run at RDR and RDF and we all hope she has some good times left in her. Watch her or she'll be running Peak Vets in a few weeks.

Prayers for Widget girl and both of you. Also wisdom for those attending to her medical needs. Hugs to you all!

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear this. It does sound as if you caught it early... I'll be thinking about her and keeping my fingers crossed for a complete recovery.

Lots of love and prayers from here to Widget and you folks!

Widget I will be praying for you my dear but I have no doubt whatsoever you are in the best hands. I also know you are well loved and that to me is all that counts!! Hang in there girl!

I've just said the first of many prayers for Widget and for the both of you. God sent her to you all those years ago for a reason and it is to see her thru this next chapter in her life.

Widget is in the very best hands, between the doctors and yourselves. It certainly has been a very tough week, and there are many many of us sending thoughts and prayers for wellness and strength. Everyone, please KEEP VOTING so RDF can move up in the Shelter Challenge!!

I will be praying that Widget gets all better and soon - with a cute name and personality like that she has to pull through!! Best wishes from Katy!

You are all in my prayers.

I send you all *very LOVING HUGS* this certainly do need them......MUCH LOVE to our dear Widget xxx

Ah thoughts and prays are with you!!!

Thank you for letting us know so we can all keep Widget in our thoughts. Perhaps she will somehow know she has so many fans rooting for her! In the meantime she'll continue to enjoy each day in her wonderful home, with her wonderful family.

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