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September 25, 2013


One of my dogs taught me how to fetch & would lay for hours in a point showing where the chew toy football was that HE had hidden ( it's in the corner dummy behind the stinkin' chair. ) Took my very dog-wise girlfriend to point it out , while she absolutely howled with laughter ...We never stopped the game & I still haven't found the last football 14 yrs later.

Sweet Darla stole my heart within the first 5 minutes of seeing her at our local shelter. It was such joy to hear the thumping of her tail; her ready for the belly rub before I could even open the kennel gate. I was unaware of RDF before learning that Darla and Zach would be coming to you. I knew there was the possibility of them regaining their sight, but never realized the complete devotion and unconditional love they would be given. RDF is doggie heaven on earth. You two are amazing!!! Thank you for all you do for these wonderful animals.

Really, how could you deny that sweet face anything. She not only won the battle (of the chair), looks like it's "winner take all".

Dogs sure know cozy, and she is right at home there in her own little bed next. Who could ask her to move. How very sweet. Hugs to dear Darla!

I bet one of the next Blog will be Darla with a tiara...never say never....

Is that the cutest.....Darla rules in more ways than one!!!!

Maybe not a tiara, but pearls are nice and so very understated, like our sweet Miss Darla. Smooches!

Ah,just who is learning what in this lesson? I think the human is learning to make better rules. No Tiaras is definitely a better rule. Good job Darla for finally teaching Steve what are appropriate dog rules!!

Darla obviously had a bed to sleep on during her pre-Rolling Dog Farm life. You are so sweet to let her continue in her comfort zone (literally). All dogs should be so lucky to live at Rolling Dog with you and Alayne.

Darla has the right idea. No stinkin' dog bed for me, she says. I ain't no doggy. I'm a 4 legged people!! I need a real people bed!!!

This is cracking me up. We have a Darla also who we call "The D" as in "The Queen". In our home it is also all about "The D". She rules; we jump! Long live the Queens..I mean "The Ds". :-)

Sounds just like my mom-in-law who was not happy to see our dogs on our furniture..wouldn't happen in HER and mom-in-law got their own dog who ended up sleeping not only on the furniture but also in the bed between them with his very own blankie. Dog rules are made by people so dogs can have a goal to reach!

Thank you for loving all the sweet animals

You're a full fledged bearded softie and love mush dude. When you go by Darla's room, give her a belly rub from us out here.

But I have the perfect tiara for Princess Darla, just waiting for her!

What a great post. I love Darla, she has worked herself right into my heart! I agree with several others, a tiara may be in her future. Princess Darla.

Yup. No Tiara’s. Totally not happening - one has to draw the line somewhere! You are to be congratulated on your stern but fair discipline.

Ha, ha, ha....thanks for the laugh

Hugs and tummy rubs!

This post just made me smile so big! Just have to love love love Darla!! She knows a soft heart when she sees it :)

Oh, I needed that! Thanks for the yucks Steve...glad to see Darla is doing so well.

I think we should take bets on when Rule No. 4 turns into Rule No. 5!! She has you wrapped around her fuzzy little paw, and I would be the same way.....ya gotta love her!

I think we all can see that Darla has won a place in your hearts. It's wonderful she found her way to you. She will give you plenty of things to smile about.

good girl Darla! you have them trained well :)

What a great post! Darla is definitely the expert at using winning ways to ease her way into your heart, your bed, your office, your spare room... Luckily she doesn't seem like the tiara kind of girl, or I'd bet she'd soon be wearing one. What a sweetie!

Just received the latest newsletter and enjoyed reading about some more Originals. Loved the photo of Travis in mid-flight!

Someboday is S-P-O-I-L-E-D but we won't name any names will we Miss Darla......haha.....I am sure you are worth every single moment of it!

Darla's room. I never thought I would hear Steve say that. So much for sharing a chair. Now the princess has her own room. Of course closing the door to that spare room and adding a dog bed in your office isn't an option, I guess. Boy, she sure has you guys trained well. (and we knew that would happen from the very beginning!)

My dogs have me trained well, too.

Good Morning from *Sunny* Vancouver, BC...I am in LOVE with this *darling diva Darla dog*...I would send you a tiara if you would permit! xox

Awww, c'mon. What can make a girl feel any more special than a tiara? I mean, seriously!

Let's see how long Rule No. 4 lasts....

Any takers on how soon Miss Darla gets a tiara?

Darla says she prefers pink diamonds when you order her tiara.

Sounds familiar!

Oh that is so funny. Isn't it amazing how your furry "kids" train us so well. Love it. You rock Miss Darla.

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