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September 23, 2013


Gorgeous picture! Glad to hear that the Queen Bee is doing well. Continuing to send healing thoughts!

Keep voting everyone. Tell all your friends!

Widget-girl, continue eating, stay feisty and living life!!!! You are in good hands!

Thanks for the lovely picture, and so glad to hear that our Widget girl is doing okay with a little help. I'll keep praying for everyone there at the's no small task you both have and you are so appreciated for everything you do.

Beautiful photo! Glad to hear that Widget is doing well with her chemo. I've been thinking about her and hoping she was doing OK with it.

ahh, the appetite means so much.

Good luck to you all with the treatments. Something tells me that little Widget is one tough survivor, particularly with the extra special love & care.

Beautiful fall scene; so good to hear Widget is feeling a bit better. Thank you for keeping us all up on how she's doing!

Good for Widget! Good for you folks! Keep it up.

Good Morning from Vancouver, BC....*gorgeous* fall photo.....thank you so much for updating us on precious Widget..we send you all our ((( collective hugs )))

Delighted to learn that Widget is doing ok with her chemo!

I'm writing now, though, to encourage people to stick with the Shelter Challenge even though it's not as familiar as it once was - because, in the end, it's Rolling Dog Farm that will suffer if we don't. The website is trying to build up its following for its own reasons, and that's what's behind the redesign. But Rolling Dog has been a big winner over the years, and we don't want that to stop.

I'm writing here to catch the eyes of those who might have stopped trying! Good hearted though the vets surely are, in the end, they have to send a bill. We need to get clicking & donating too, as we can!

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