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September 30, 2013

Comments made me laugh..."have you hugged a potatoe today."

Thanks for the reminder to vote too!

Your area up there really has had it's share of weather difficulties. I guess the good news is that you have the knowledge now of what may and may not work in the future and can go from there with a better plan. All the work you do is beyond amazing. (I can dive into a dish of mashed potatoes myself!)God Bless You.

What an interesting post. I am glad you got some potatoes in. And like KCMarla, who knew chickens liked mashers! Also glad to see your alternate use of the dog baskets ;)

Being of Irish descent, give me potatoes anytime. I think it's hardwired in our DNA. The chickens and I would be in competition for that plate of mashed!

As the daughter and granddaughter of wholesale potato dealers here in Italy, I should really be doing lots of potato-hugging (and not just today:-))!;-))

Trying to raise a garden can be so heartbreaking. I'm sorry that all the work you put in on the old garden was for naught. Most of my little garden was eaten by deer and washed away by torrential rains this year. The only successful crop was - you guessed it - potatoes. They had been planted by the previous owner and we were unaware that they were there. They were a nice surprise, especially when everything else failed. Your potatoes look very huggable.

Huh.....who knew that chickens loved warm mashed potatoes??? You learn something every day......

Potatoes! Yum! :)

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