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September 09, 2013


yes.... now I know how to adress my new (March) four-year-old from Spain! he is a chief Hua Hua too :)

I love the embarrased look on Wilbur's face, but he knew help was on it's way ofcourse.

Wilbur- so glad to see that blankie is so "well loved" it now has a hole in it! Kind of reminds me of that scene in ET in the closet with all the toys, but one of the faces is super cute & "for real". Will have to get a care pkg of hole-free fleece headed your way before the really cold weather!

Uh Oh, fellow bloggers. RDF has fallen to 11th place in the Challenge standings. Time to recruit some new voters. And if you don't create a log-in, you can still vote more than once daily from different computers.


You are just so sweet and so adorable-

Good thinking using the tongue as a diversion too!


Reminds me of Coco Weeny Dog who once got stuck in the narrow sleeve of an old robe. At the time she did not have a narrow body. She had to be extricated; wasn't going to get out on her own. May she rest in peace. She was a very funny dog.

Welcome Back--just love Wilbur!!!!

Made my day! Thanks! So funny.

Wilbur being Wilbur. When he gets into trouble he unfurls the tongue knowing help will soon arrive from his faithful minions.

Thank you Wilbur! You made me smile. While my dogs have got themselves in various embarrassing predicaments over the years, the great blanket fiasco was a new one on me!

Perhaps this is Chief Hua Hua's ceremonial robe. An off-the-shoulder style with an extra long train, complemented by the tongue necktie. All the dogs will want one now.

Wilbur - the incredible re-appearing dog! So Cute!

As the human servant to a senior Chi myself, I love the antics of Wilbur. My Chi, Piglet, makes me laugh on a very regular basis as I am sure he does you. She also carries the white tuxedo markings in her older years but that doesn't stop her flirtacious charm.

What is that opening he has his head through? It looks like an arm hole but why would there be an arm hole in a blanket? Maybe it's a snuggie for dogs - one for bigger dogs who can't fit their heads through the arm holes. At any cost, the little guy is the cutest!!

My doxie Bogie gets stuck in his blankie too. He gives me this guilty look of "oh oh, I chewed a hole in my blankie... and now I'm stuck too. Help me Mom!"

Wilbur is adorable!!!

Are you sure he's not trying to start a doggy fashion trend -- wearable blankets? Very cute!


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