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August 26, 2013


Has Travis' fur gotten darker over there in the North East?? I swear I remember him being MUCH blonder! Glad to see he is still happy & handsome as ever!

Luv you TRAV!!! Bon appetit!
My crush from afar continues. From Your not-so-secret Admirer.

LOVE seeing old friends!!! Hi Travis, hope you enjoyed your dinner.

I love him already and I have just met him!!! Mess what mess?
All I see is a very beautiful happy boy that is thouroughly enjoying his dinner! So lovely to have met you Travis!! xoxoxoxo

Oh my gosh! Travis looks like a baby that has been caught in the midst of an enjoyable meal. The only thing missing is his bib! It's so funny and cute and...

Glad to see Travis again! I guess he doesn't have to eat in his kennel huh?

So nice to see a photo of Travis. I don't recall any posts about him for a while. He seems content with his liquid dinner. And he's not as thin as I would have expected. No matter what their challenge, animals are happy and content when they are in a place where they are loved. And he certainly seems happy. Enjoy your dinner, Travis.

Oh TRAVIS!!! I've been waiting to see a picture or blurb about this boy I love so much. It's been a LONG time since our get togethers at the Montana ranch, but I have our pics together to remind me of this special boy! I'm SOOOO happy to see him. Please give him a hug for me & Joe. Travis stole my heart then, and he still owns a big piece of it! ♥♥♥

We were just talking about Travis and SO HAPPY to see him on your blog! What a wonderful, wonderful boy! I still love the picture you had of Travis on your note cards back in Montana!! Thanks for letting us see his look of contentment after a yummy meal! We love you Travis!!

Travis is such a good-looking dog, even if he is a messy eater. Thanks for sharing a few words about him. Thanks for giving him the love he deserves. Please give him an extra pat and a few ear-ruffles for me. Our dogs say to tell him "Woof". They would like to play.
We have a delightful WAG Park in Whitefish where, several times each month, I take our dogs to interact with other dogs. It helps keep their socialization skills honed.

Travis!!! I always knew you would bite me if you could, but I loved you anyway. I hope you have forgiven me by now for trying to make "summer clothes" for you when you still had the feeding tube. I would have tried to adopt you if I didn't already have a herd of dogs and cats.

Love and hugs and kisses from Missoula,
Mary Ann

So good to see Travis again - what a wonderful life you have given him!

I often wondered how you kept Travis fed. I was hoping it wasn't the routine of a feeding tube. No fun for him or you. Well, at least he gets to taste his food, and get loving nutrition. He's a lucky dog to have Rolling dog Ranch be his home!!

Thanks for putting something about Travis on your blog. I was wondering if you still had him. We met him when we visited you in MT. He is such a nice boy. Who cares about a mess.

I've seen some messy eaters, but he definitely wins the prize! I'm sure he's learned to love the sound of the blender.

I don't think I remember seeing Travis before. Sweet boy! And he's from Spokane, my home town. What a lucky boy to have found his way to you, albeit a circuitous route! I think he knows it too.

Travis has always been one of my favorites. He has such beautiful eyes!

I think the caption should be: "But I'm really cute!"

What a precious face! He is sooo lucky to be living with you all on the farm.

Travis!!!! So good to see one of my favorites. I think he has the most gorgeous eyes. Thank you so much for taking such good care of him and supporting him and his rather "messy" disability.

Well a good *Good Morning* to you, dear Travis...nice to meet you! You look as though you have been enjoying your meal!! That is very considerate of you to eat your food on a towel, so as not to make a mess! xoxox

Messy or not that is one handsome boy!!!

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