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August 12, 2013


There. Just be something about green things and dogs. We had a foundling Dobie who loved McDonalds burgers but licked the pickle clean before leaving it. Never tried him on peas....

Thanks for all the up dates makes me smile when I see these animals so taken care of , Thank you God for all these nice folks.

Mayb these pet foods all use canned peas, & all these pea-rejectors would like frozen or fresh or raw peas--that's how I feel about peas, anyway.

That is hilarious - I don't like peas either - so I would, leave them as well!! :)

My first cat back in the early 80's would do the same thing with the "kitty stew" in a can. He would always eat the few other veggies included, but he would lick the peas clean and push them off the the side of the bowl. I stopped feeding it quickly!

So amazing Gabe has had such a GREAT life!!!! Makes my heart SING!! Thank you Paul and Jenny!!!

That is awesome! Gabe knows what he wants...and doesn't want! I really enjoy seeing updates of the RDF dogs who have gotten adopted. Thanks for sharing this.

That's hilarious!! Dog are so stinkin funny sometimes....

GABE!! So good to hear from your dad that you are doing so well! Seriously tho...I too hate peas and agree, they gotta go! I do think it is funny all the time your dad spends mooshing around in your food counting veggies, heeheehee. Hugs sweet boy. Paul, thanks for the update.

That's adorable! My last cat was the same way -- the times I fed him canned food with any veggies in, he would always leave the peas....couldn't pull one over on him for anything!

It's so good to hear from Gabe after all these years. Please let us know how the beautiful Ella is doing, too!

Clever lad!

Great story! Picky-eating dogs are so funny. Paul is lucky those peas stay in the bowl instead of being hidden away somewhere. We once got some gourmet dog biscuits, thinking it would be a nice change from Milkbones. Our dog didn't agree, but he also couldn't bear the thought of leaving his treat lying around where someone might steal it. So he buried it under my husband's pillow. This was a doubly surprising find because he was trained never to get up on the bed...

Glad to hear Gabe is so well and happy!

I had a dog like that. The peas were left in the bowl. She didn't want anything to do with them!!

Thanks to Paul for this update. Glad that Gabe and Ella are both doing well. Funny thing about the peas. I had a friend who's dog spit out one of four different kibble in his food. I can't remember the exact story but the kibble had four different colors/flavors/textures and he rejected one. After every meal there would be pile of the rejected ones on the floor next to his bowl. Needless to say, she changed food! I haven't had this problem with food. But Tammany used to eat all her food and leave her medicine untouched!

Knowing how much some dogs just love to eat, I think it's a riot that Gabe actually bothers to not eat his two peas. What could possibly so bad about those peas?? And to eat that wonderful bowl of food and be able to leave just those two peas - what a funny dog he is. I remember when he got adopted and also remember Ella. It's so nice to know they are still doing well. Thanks for the story.

He reminds me of one of my kids, but with mushrooms, picking each little bit of mushroom out of anything it was in!

Thanks for the Shelter reminder!!!

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