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August 21, 2013


Great story. Thanks for sharing Luke's sweet little foraging.

Aw Lucas you are adorable! Get those berries!!

Kate, giving up on fresh strawberries to allow Luke the fun and wonder and joy of finding his own treats brought tears to my eyes. It is the little kindnesses we share and give that make the world a special place. Bless you for letting his nose find the best of the berries.

So very, very sweet!! I've watched the video three times now -- just to see that tail wag!

Sweet! How thoughtful of you. :)
I was maybe thinking raspberries, too - but careful- they take over!
It's sure funny the variation in tastebuds. Happiest of all for Luke's wonderful family and home.

How fun for Luke! Thanks for the update on him and long may he find his strawberries!

How sweet that is!! Thank you to Kate for sending the video and letting us see her sweet boy "muzzle for strawberries".

Love it! He is so proud of himself!

That is just precious! Joy is found many times in the small things...

That's so cute! And at least he eats them. I had a dog that used to bite half off of each strawberry and then spit it out. Hope springs eternal, and he kept trying to find one he liked.

Now, that's a good mom for deciding Luke's joy was a bigger reward than having the strawberries herself. Sweet video.

Very sweet. I love the little tail wag, then chomp chomp. Thanks for sharing.

Ha! Love it! My last house had a pear tree with low branches that my (sighted) Pomeranians used to pick from. They'd get the immature fruits from the lowest branches early on, then as the pears got bigger the paper branches would bow and they could get those too! It made them so happy!

Years ago, our rescue Weimaraner discovered the strawberry pot. I would be waiting for a particular berry to ripen to perfection. The morning I was sure it was ready, I would go outside and...gone! Devoured by the dog who also had been waiting for that moment of perfection.

We've also had Labs who picked raspberries themselves, only when perfectly ripe.

Our GSH was more polite, waiting for me to pick the berry and feed it to him. Wait--maybe that wasn't polite so much as lazy and spoiled!

This is so funny! I just loved the tail wag! (Maybe you can plant some plants for yourself where Luke can't get to them...)

Good Morning...thank you for the heads-up on that fun....thanks for sharing with us...darling!

OK, how adorable is that video!! He seems so happy to have found that berry. And a fresh, organic strawberry has to be good for him. Guess Mom has to buy her own at the farm market. Thanks for the video Kate. Always nice to see how happy the former Rolling Dogs are at their forever homes.

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